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I can't believe "peace" activists would accept awards from Chief Kroeker--any explanation?

Kroeker--who went to Israel to learn from the "experts" on counter-terrorism, and bulldozing peace activists, presented awards to three peace activists--presumably for their efforts to keep thousands of other activists in line. Other people to receive awards recently included the officers who shot Jose Mejia Poot.

I can't believe people of conscience would accept awards like this. Hopefully, they used the opportunity to speak out against police violence and the war. Otherwise, they were just used by the police as a photo-op, and as an opportunity to reward "good" protestors, while isolating the "bad" ones. What a bunch of suckers. Or maybe they have some good explanation for their decision to accept these awards, despite organizational decisions to reject them. [ Read More ] background: [ Police Award Peacekeepers/Crime Fighters (reposted from the Portand Tribune) ]

PPRC voted AGAINST the damnable Chief's Awards
PPRC voted 22-1 to reject the damn Chief's Award. Individuals, breaking ranks, shit-canning issues of solidarity, stepped forward to accept these fetid "awards."

This Friday's Rally is about Kendra James
This PPRC Friday rally is intended to promote the Salem lobbying effort announced at last week's Kendra James rally. PPRC endorsed last weekend's civil rights demonstration and worked with the Albina Ministerial Alliance Ad Hoc Committee. We also provided the Justice/Justicia signs as well as the Stop Police Abuse / Paro al Abuso Policiaco signs.

Please do come to the rally to keep the issue of Justice for Kendra James in the spotlight. Please do come to the rally to protest police abuse, institutional racism, and white privilege. Please do come to the rally to demonstrate for Change, as Pastor Tate exhorted us to do. [ Read More ]