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I can't believe "peace" activists would accept awards from Chief Kroeker--any explanation?

Kroeker--who went to Israel to learn from the "experts" on counter-terrorism, and bulldozing peace activists, presented awards to three peace activists--presumably for their efforts to keep thousands of other activists in line. Other people to receive awards recently included the officers who shot Jose Mejia Poot.

I can't believe people of conscience would accept awards like this. Hopefully, they used the opportunity to speak out against police violence and the war. Otherwise, they were just used by the police as a photo-op, and as an opportunity to reward "good" protestors, while isolating the "bad" ones. What a bunch of suckers. Or maybe they have some good explanation for their decision to accept these awards, despite organizational decisions to reject them.

Here's the original post:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/05/265488.shtml
explanation 29.May.2003 11:47

anti-war activist

liberals suck. they don't want to end the systems of oppression that cause war or that develop from it. they just want "peace", which is apparently a capitalistic society based on environmental degradation and enslavement of the world's people in which everyone gets along well and doesn't get noisy or "violent" (which has been defined by some liberals writing to this site as including the chalking of sidewalks, which is legal in the city of portland).

the three "peace activists" who were named for rewards should have loudly declined them. it would've been cool if they'd had a press conference during which they condemned the portland police for their violence and explained how the domestic war against minorities and dissidents is just another aspect of the foreign war against Iraq and other countries. but that would have required two things: a) an analysis that reflects reality, and b) guts, neither of which liberals have.

activists here in portland need to take these individuals to task for their shameful actions. they've got some explaining and making up to do at this point. i am personally disgusted and will say something to any of them in person if i get the chance.

Really 29.May.2003 12:20


These "Peacekeepers" would rather show solidarity with the Police than with the Latino community. The fact that any activist would accept a reward from the same police who shot and killed Jose Mejia Poot while the Latino community is struggling for justice for the killing shows exactly why people of color have good reason not to get cozy with the liberal white progressive community. When it gets right down to it, the priviledged white guys will side together while the people of color get fucked over.

What an honor! 29.May.2003 12:28


Accepting Awards in the name of 'peace' from the Police after they thrash people, grab people off of sidewalks, smash their faces into concrete, pepper spray them!!!! Hardly know what to say. It is shameful.

their names 29.May.2003 12:31

read the article

the names of the so-called "peace" activists who accepted the rewards, and for what: "Xander Patterson, David Zundel and Jan Weston for their peacekeeping efforts during recent rallies and marches"

Xander is a member of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility. David is an active PPRC person. Jan is also PPRC, i think.

this is totally fucking shameful. let Physicians for Social Responsibility and PPRC know how you feel about this travesty:



racist bullshit 29.May.2003 12:43


<sarcasm>gee, why don't people of color feel like getting involved with white peace activists? i can't understand it.</sarcasm>

these "activists" (middle-class poseurs is a better term) owe apologies to the families of Kendra James, Jose Mejia Poot, and to all the anti-war activists who were beat up, peppersprayed, and otherwise molested by the police in the last few months. Alan Graf take note -- these folks won't be useful for you with your lawsuits against the city for police violence. they've picked their side, the bastards.

power trip 29.May.2003 13:15


Think about it this way- who would decide to become a "peacekeeper", which basically gives you the "authority" over the march and it's participants, including stopping them from committing actions they disagree with? probably the same type of people with power issues who become cops in the first place. These are mostly people who want to tell you what to do but never got beyond the police training program. At least police officers aren't the hypocrites the "peacekeepers" are.
BTW, Jan is PPRC. At a PPRC meeting a few months back, the issue of what to do on day of bombing came up; i.e. what to do about "the radicals." they decided that if anyone got on THEIR sound system and started advocating direct action, they'd simply turn the sound off. There's solidarity for you.

won't someone defend these people? 29.May.2003 13:48


Damn, I was hoping some closet liberal would defend the folks who received Kroeker's pat on the head, so I could then launch an attack on their arguments. No takers, huh? Honestly, I can't even begin to comprehend why someone would willingly breathe the same air as Kroeker without using the opportunity to spit in his fucking face. I'm pretty disgusted by this, but I'm staying disgusted more and more these days.

those scary radicals 29.May.2003 13:54

love me, i'm a liberal

that's pretty funny that they threatened to shut off the mic, because it seemed like EVERYONE joined the radicals for their radical, unpermitted, disruptive march when the call went out

on the day of bombing, not too many people wanted to stick around to protest politely, and listen to speeches

PPRC voted against the awards 29.May.2003 15:14

present at the vote

For the record, and this is why a record was made, PPRC voted AGAINST accepting any Chief's Awards.

Yup - Gotta love those liberals 29.May.2003 22:30

Mother of Sam

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photos? 30.May.2003 11:47


does anyone have photos of these peace activists that they'd care to post? then we can talk with them in person about their decision.