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Protest Media Monopolies!

Join Us!!! Code Pink of Portland is initiating an action in front of Clear Channel at 4949 S.W. Macadam Ave. at 4:30 on Thursday, May 29th, the national day of protest against the proposed FCC rulings.
Stand with us, side by side, as we protest the easing of the rules of media ownership. Across the nation we must demand an open, public debate, starting in our own communities. Why the deadline on June 2nd? What's the hurry......for something so important to so many? Let's make ourselves heard. Let's demand an open debate on the future role of the media in our lives.
Thursday May 29th actually 28.May.2003 22:15


just in case that was confusing for anyone else!

Road Map to Clear Channel 29.May.2003 06:09

Pink Panther info@codepinkportland.org


Map to Clear Channel
Map to Clear Channel

Bussing it to CC 29.May.2003 06:13

Pink Panther

TriMet Bus 35 will get you to CC from downtown with a stop right in front of the building.