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Police Award Peacekeepers/Crime Fighters

We love peacekeepers!
Portland Tribune article from May 20, 2003:
(check out the Community Policing Awards)

City crime fighters to receive awards

Numerous citizens and Portland police officers were honored Monday by the Chief's Forum -- an advisory group to police Chief Mark Kroeker.
The winners include:
Nathan Thomas Memorial Award: Detective Terry Wagner of Central Precinct for her work in investigating violent crimes against women and children.
Special Recognition Award: officers Joshua Howery and Craig Mendenhall of Southeast Precinct for their tactics while handling a potentially volatile situation.
Community Policing Problem Solving Award: John Farra for his work to reduce street drinking in the St. Johns area; the Homeless Youth Oversight Committee for establishing the Portland Police Bureau/Homeless Youth Continuum Partnership; officer Jeff Myers for his innovative efforts as a senior neighborhood officer; Ombudsman Services of Elders in Action for its work to alleviate the effects of elder abuse and crime victims; Xander Patterson, David Zundel and Jan Weston for their peacekeeping efforts during recent rallies and marches; Gary Schwindt for his community organizing efforts; and Howard Weiner for his crime-prevention efforts in the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood.
Certificate of Appreciation Award: officer Steve Andrusko for his work and dedication in addressing crime in Southwest Portland; officer Cliff Bacigalupi for his work with the community in the St. Johns Neighborhood Association; officer Jason Christensen for his efforts in resolving crime concerns in the Kenton Neighborhood Association; Tonya Dickens for helping to prevent youth involvement in gangs; officer Larry Graham for his exemplary efforts as a senior neighborhood officer; Ruth Hander for her work as chairwoman of the Madison South Neighborhood Association; Shirley Holmes, Sgt. Steven Larsen, Arlene Martinez, Diana McClure, Ann Panton and Mary Walker for ensuring that East Precinct officers' patrol cars are stocked with needed supplies; Geneva McArtor and R. Palmer Moore for serving as co-captains of the Binford Condominium Neighborhood Watch; and Barbara Quinn for organizing the Walk to School Safety Day for North Portland.
Youth Recognition Certificate: Keystone Warriors of the Wattles Boys and Girls Club for service to the Portland community; and Charles A. McGee III for his community leadership efforts.

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lovely 27.May.2003 19:23


I'm sure the peace keepers are proud to be in such esteemed company as that of officer "pepperspray" Meyers and the rest of his compatriots. really helps you know who's on your side.

give credit where credit is due 27.May.2003 21:15


Read what the awards are for ... most of this is good stuff.

Investigating violent crimes against women and children, Neighbor Watch programs, preventing elder abuse, community work, walk to school safety, youth organizations, etc ...

I'm glad it's being done and I'm glad they're choosing to give formal recognizing those who do it.

Neighborhood watch programs... 28.May.2003 13:30

made up

Well, I feel much safer knowing that there are award winning neighborhood watch programs on my block. Gee, I wonder why they're on my block? I think they're watching me, no wait, they are watching me! Too bad that elderly person with the walker is getting abused, my neighbor's kid is drinking downtown, and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility is not here to peacekeep while these cops are busy watching me.

your mind is made up? 29.May.2003 07:46


So, am I to presume that you are in opposition to all the programs listed above? Police and others should not be setting up Neighborhood Watch programs and programs to protect kids walking to school and programs to investigate and reduce violent crimes agains women and children?

Just what, exactly, do you mean ... your post is anything but clear.

skate = the popo whose job it is to monitor IMC 29.May.2003 16:06


Skate, get your head out of your ass! For popo to receive an award for doing the things which they claim is their job is ridiculous. The only reason popo engage in such actions is to mislead the public into tolerating them. When was the last time you saw a cop helping a child across the street or rescuing a kitten from a tree? Wait, thats firefighters...but anyway, you understand my point. The Cheifs Award is propaganda, and supposed "peace activists" fell for it.

The police exist for one reason, to protect the master class from the rest of us.

Alex, you're wrong 29.May.2003 18:14


I won't bother to tell you that I have both seen and dealt with police officers who were very much role-models for what any sane person would want their police force to be. Your mind is clearly made up and no arguments to the contrary are likely to sway you.

But, I will point out that it is very common in the workplace to publicly recognize people for doing their job, if they've done it particularly well. It's considered motivational to provide a pat on the back for a job well done. Had you any experience in the world of work you'd already know that.

You're evaluating an entire organization and all of it's operations from the narrow perspective of your own hatreds. Sure, there are things that are wrong and things that need fixing. But, don't automatically assume that applies to everything or you'll waste your energy fixing that which isn't broken. You're allowing yourself to fall victim to paranoid thinking ... not all events are maliciously planned as part of some devious grand conspiracy.

skate, I notice you didn't deny being a pig 29.May.2003 19:23


"Had you any experience in the world of work you'd already know that."

I'm a small business owner, so don't assume that all people who mistrust the popo are unfamiliar with money and work. This is a common misperception perpetuated by the far right in order to separate the unthinking middle class from radicals who have rejected the idols of materialism. The remark speaks volumes about your cop-love. Don't worry, when the revolution comes and the popo are being gaffed behind the heel and dangled from every telephone pole, I'll be the one calling for your relese. Smooch.

Alex, you're still wrong 30.May.2003 07:52


Stripped of my ill advised jab about not knowing the world of work (my apologies), my point still stands. It is not unusual within the workplace to provide a pat on the back for a job well done. The police award ceremony does not indicate a conspiracy. It is nothing more than a motivational device.

Too, although I don't expect you to swallow it, I am not a cop. One need not be a cop to recognize that, although there are bad cops and bad practices and bad incidents, they do not imply that the entire organization is rotten.

skate 02.Jun.2003 10:45


"...when the revolution comes and the popo are being gaffed behind the heel and dangled from every telephone

wow. what a peaceful statement.

peace 02.Jun.2003 21:15


Uh, that was Alex who said that, not me.