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More Details for June 4th in Salem

I tried to add this to the article on the front page, but couldn't. Here's the rest of the story for June 4th.
According to Pastor Tate, people will be gathering at 9am at Christ Memorial Church to go to Salem and petition the legislature for change. This is in regard to the police shooting of Kendra James, and the grand jury's refusal to indict Officer Scott McCollister or any of the other officers involved in the shooting of an unarmed woman.

The People of Portland are tired of the brutal behavior of Portland police officers. On June 4th, they will be asking simply that the police not be allowed to shoot unarmed people who pose no threat to them. You'd think this would already be police policy, but events have shown otherwise.

Anyone wanting more details of this event should probably contact the Albina Ministerial Alliance, since it was Pastor Tate who made the announcement at Saturday's rally. Also, anyone who knows where Christ Memorial Church is, please post the address.
8:30am auto caravan forms at Christ Memorial located ** 1552 N Killingsworth ** 31.May.2003 15:04


There seems to be no direct email or web page contact information for the Rev Roy Tate / Albina Ministerial Alliance / Christ Memorial Church nor for Jamie Cartridge / Rainbow Coalition Portland Oregon.

Please correct absence of internet contact information by comment here

Police Policy 04.Jul.2003 20:45

Barbara Bishop Bishopbarba@aol.com

I, too, am totally shocked that police would even think of pulling out their guns if a person is unarmed. I think that where the law is faulty in allowing police such leverage, common sense should fill the gap and override what is allowable by law. Police shouldn't take advantage of laws that allow them to protect themselves by killing unnecessarily. I have sent a letter to those who are most influential in changing police policy and hope that I can attach it to this comment. My life has been saved by police and so it makes me feel just horrible when a person's life is taken that could have been spared.