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Head in the Clouds: Chemtrails and On Being Wrong (Regular indymedia poster recants)

For too long I have reported on this site what I erroneously believed were chemtrails, an aerial spraying campaign allegedly conducted by a covert military fleet of sprayers similar to the not-so covert sprayers in Columbia. I spent no small amount of my free time reading about military programs intended to gain control over the weather and writing stories about them. Many of the stories I wrote detailing the background and precedent that I believed lent evidence to such a campaign was not incorrect in itself, but one does not lead to the other. That the United States military sprayed live bacteria over Missouri (  http://gulfwarvets.com/fortlw.htm ) for example does not mean that the Air Force is spraying chemicals on a regular basis over populated areas. On the other hand, vice versa is not true, that the military is not spraying chemicals on a regular basis does not mean that they did not spray Agent Orange in Vietnam, or RoundUp in Columbia.

For an entire year I have unintentionally spread misinformation and sometimes bitter debate on this site and I therefore feel responsible for presenting the evidence that I (eventually) came across that led me to abandon my old conceptions of reality. I feel that whatever embarrassment I may have about making such a retraction is vastly outweighed by the importance I place upon (my growing understanding of) journalistic ethics and my personal sense of intellectual integrity. I also would like to muse a bit on what sort of reasoning brought me to the conclusion that such a seemingly ludicrous program was in place and perhaps laugh at myself, heartily.
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