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MoveOn endorses Thursday's PDX Code Pink protest at Clear Channel

I was amazed to get a letter this morning from a national director of MoveOn about a Portland event that I had not read about here on Portland's Indymedia. However, that is only because I have not been reading the calendar where it says:

"Code Pink Portland will lead a protest against Clear Channel once again! 4:30 pm in front of their offices at 4949 SW Macadam Avenue. Join us, tell Portland we don't want more media control and censorship a la Clear Channel! Global Exchange has declared May 29th a national day of protest against media monopoly"

It says us guys are welcome at the "Pink is optional" Code Pink protest against FCC move for even MORE media monopoly. Protest takes place at the local offices of Clear Channel this Thursday (05-29-03) at 4:30 pm --- 4949 SW Macadam Avenue.

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