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Why should I be so interested in Argentina? Come find out.

Argentina's crisis is fast emerging as a sort of economic Rorschach test, used by economists and theoreticians of all ideological persuasions to prove their point," says the Financial Times. "Opponents of the 'Washington Consensus' say Argentina's experience shows the perils of following the recipes of the IMF. Supporters of free markets say Argentina's experience shows the danger of not opening up [the economy] enough."

Perhaps the biggest challenge the global movements face now is to realize that the first round is over ... There has been a "...nearly complete collapse of the prevailing economic theory," according to economist James K. Galbraith. But the next round will be the hardest. It will involve applying our critiques and principles to our everyday lives; it will be a stage of working close to home. A stage where mass conflict on the streets is balanced (but not entirely replaced) with creating alternatives to capitalism in our neighborhoods, our towns and cities, our bioregions. This is exactly where Argentina can show us an inspiring way to move forward ... It may be absurd to think of a capitalist system without banks, but it is equally absurd to believe in the continuation of the present global system ... One day we may look back at the absurdity of the present and remember how the people of Argentina inspired us to demand the impossible, and invited us to build new worlds which spread outwards from our own neighborhoods.

In some ways, this may be your ticket to the future. Come see six short films about the economic collapse and peoples' uprising in Argentina. A co-producer of Beware the Bourgeois Block will be at Clinton St. Theatre to explain what triggered the economic crash in Argentina. After the videos, she will answer questions and relay recent news from a friend and collaborator still down in Argentina. [ Read more ] [ May 27 video showing | Que se vayan todos ]

Que Se Vayan Todos
Tuesday May 27th - 8pm
Clinton St. Theatre
2522 SE Clinton st.
$5.00 donation at the door
Proceeds to benefit independent media in the global south