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June 4th: Going to Salem to Fight Police Brutality?

Stop police use of deadly force [Note to Indymedia Community: Can anyone provide more details?] Here's another way to express outrage over the police murder of Kendra James, and the associated police cover-up. At the [May 24] rally , I heard Pastor Tate ask the community to join him on June 4th in Salem. I think he said everyone would be meeting at a church around 9am -- does anyone remember which one? Anyway, just to let people know, if you can go to Salem on June 4th, please do.

Also, Senator Gordley said she plans to ask the legislature to make changes so that a police officer can no longer get away with shooting unarmed people down in the streets without consequences. [ IMC Article ] [ Kendra James Rally Images, 1 of 2 | 2 of 2 ]