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Kendra James Rally Images, 1 of 2

Pictures from the May 25 Kendra James Rally
Part 1 of 2
wonderful portraits of the pre-march rally speakers! 26.May.2003 16:46


and I love the last shot of the entire march.

looking forward to round 2.

Excellent pictures!! 26.May.2003 17:08


thank you chris!

Thanks and Correction 26.May.2003 17:30

Chris Leck

Thanks for the comments. Part 2 is at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/05/265424.shtml.

At the top of this page, it should say "Pictures from the May 24 Kendra James Rally" (not May 25).

Great pics! 26.May.2003 17:53


Thank you!

Picture worth a thousand words! 27.May.2003 19:05

Oregrown oregrown@spiritone.com

I noticed the local television channels seemed to down play the number in attendance for this much needed gathering and these photos depict a much larger crowd than reported. I wanted to let the James' family know that a lot of us are with them in spirit and were unable to make the Saturday gathering due to the commute and disabilities. Stand strong and don't back down! It's about time these menacing thugs in civil servant uniforms were brought to justice and taken off the tax payers payroll. I still haven't heard anyone explain why the videos these "officers" have in their patrol cars haven't been viewed by everyone or even mentioned for that matter. They're probably in fear for their lives. Hmmmmmm?
This is happening all over our states and maybe it's time this union came together and compiled it all just to see how rampant this type of action from our police departments is spreading like wild fire!
This is not the United States I was raised in! I remember when their motto was "shoot to prosecute"! Now, they put hands on anyone they choose to, and decides who lives and dies!
Thoroughly ashamed to admit I live in Oregon.