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LAST UPDATED: June 16th, 2004

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Many activists have long been aware, upon entering into the government's legal arenas, that the tactic of catching government agencies in breaking their own laws would likely only result in temporary protections. Rather than enforce the laws, and hold lawbreaking government agencies accountable, Congress has now begun to change the rules of the legal arena, and to weaken and remove the laws that gov't agencies regularly violate.

This assault continues with the passage of the Bush Administration's proposal to gutting of the National Forest Management Act (NFMA). For more on this, as well as Bush's "Healthy Forest Restoration Initiative" which was passed by the Senate in October, go to: www.americanlands.com or www.cascwild.org or www.siskiyou.org

In addition, the Bush Administration has excluded three categories of timber harvest from detailed environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): harvest of healthy 50 acres stands of forest, salvage logging of dead or infected timber in 250 acre blocks, and timber harvest in the name of , defying all scientific fire ecology logic. These types of logging operations are now categorically excluded from legal avenues used in the past to call attention to and prevent irreversible damage.

These changes threaten 30 years of environmental protections and the safety of our public lands. It is essential to make your voice heard at this critical juncture, in whatever ways you feel best express your outrage at the removal of these protections for the forests that are supposed to be held in trust for future generations. Since 1997 the National Forest Restoration and Protection Act (NFPRA) has been introduced in Congress annually, as an alternative to unsustainable logging, by addressing ecological and economic needs. Other successful ways that logging ancient forest has been reduced is by boycotting corporations that buy old growth forest products. So far Staples and Home Depot and Boise Cascade have been successfully pressured through the use of boycotts to not use or create old growth forest products. Office Depot is now being boycotted to force this office supply giant to follow suit.

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