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Starhawk: Day 2 - Magic, Ritual and Activism

It is the second day of my amazing journey with Starhawk. I am spending three days learning about magic, ritual and activism. I am learning the skills to bring this knowledge back to my community. This day it is all magic. Deep in the forest I join hundreds of seekers, spiritual warriors, and magic makers. We have come to align ourselves with those who would defend the earth and all it's species.

I walk down the path into the forest. It is dark.

It is just after dusk. I look up and see the outline of the last light against the trees. The forest is alive. I hear the robin and the meadowlark calling all to come to bed. I see the nighthawk slowly swirl against the last light. There are crickets, and far off along the river I hear the frog tribes calling me. The dew of the night has saturated the air. The forest is dripping and changing - they are not tears of sadness, but tears of joy.

"Why are you so joyful tonight, dear forest?" I ask. "What is here that makes you so alive and well?"

I come into a clearing and stop. I am amazed. There are hundreds of people in the clearing, so many I cannot count at one glance. There is a bonfire and the smell of the earth. People are talking in low voices as if they were in a place of sanctity. I stop under a tree and sit quietly so that I can remember this scene. I will store this scene away to call out when I forget that once, when were in ancient times, we came to the forest, the hills and the desert - all the earth to give thanks and make sacred community. These are the days of future past. This I know. The times have shifted. The world has been turned upside down and we must reach beyond what we have been told to find a way to save the earth and all it's species.
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