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June 4th: Going to Salem to Fight Police Brutality

Here's another way to express outrage over the police murder of Kendra James, and the associated police cover-up.
Yesterday at the rally, I heard Pastor Tate ask the community to join him on June 4th in Salem. I think he said everyone would be meeting at a church around 9am -- does anyone remember which one? Anyway, just to let people know, if you can go to Salem on June 4th, please do.

Also, Senator Gordley said she plans to ask the legislature to make changes so that a police officer can no longer get away with shooting unarmed people down in the streets without consequences.
SEE ALSO : http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/05/265485.shtml 31.May.2003 15:29


IMCpdx editors etc might want to consolidate various bits re Wed June 4th auto caravan to Salem to protest police brutality and racial profiling

503 287 3473

Update - June 4 Salem Protest for Kendra James 02.Jun.2003 18:03

email from OHRC, forwarded by Her Pinkness for more info: mailto:ohrc01@aol.com

Finally received an email from one of the organizers with updated information on the Salem Protest for Kendra James scheduled for THIS WED. JUNE 4. See below.

Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 16:32:30 -0700
From: [one of the organizers, from OHRC - I omitted sender's name/email as I do not have permission to publicize - but note the OHRC email is included in the "cc"]
Cc:  OHRC01@aol.com
Subject: Salem Protest for Kendra James/June 4, 2003

Salem Protest for Kendra James
Wednesday June 4, 2003

Meet at Christ Memorial Church
1552 N Killingsworth
1 1/2 blocks off Interstate Ave.
Meet 8:30 am Leave 9:00am

Arrive early to ensure that your are part of the caravan.

Oregon Human Rights Coalition

OHRC: 503-282-5010