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The Kendra James Rally: "It's not time to lighten up, it's time to tighten up."

1,400 people rallied at Alberta Park at 20th and N.E. Killingsworth on Saturday, the 24th, at noon to protest the murder of Kendra James by a Portland police officer. A speaker said: "We have gathered here because we are sick and tired of what has happened in our city. ... We want justice for everyone. We want to send a clear message; we want to change the system, our police department, and the legislature. ... We want the blessings of God to be at this rally. We are one with one voice." [ Read more... ] [ Photos of Kendra James Rally - Part I | Part II | Best signs ]

Inner NE PDX March against police violence photo essay
Hundreds of us marched today through inner NE Portland. We marched for justice for Kendra James and others local victims of police brutality. We moved west down NE Killingsworth to the NE Portland Police precinct headquarters and then turned left on MLK (Martin Luther King Blvd). As we marched down MLK we trapped dozens of cars. Horns were blaring wildly. [ Read more... ]