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PDX Human Rights Art Installation
Connection to the Physical Plane...
1220 SW 4th Ave.
La Memoria - PDX Human Rights Art Installation
La Memoria - PDX Human Rights Art Installation
PDXPE at night
PDXPE at night
On March 20, 2003 the United States of America 'shocked and awed' Iraq in a campaign to liberate the people from the regime of Saddam Hussein. Shocking awful is the human rights violations that the USA began on that day and continues to this day against the Iraqi people. The Portland Peace Encampment (PDXPE) addresses the issue of human rights violations by maintaining a twenty-four hour vigil across the street from City Hall.

PDXPE is a place where members of the community come together and talk about what is going on in the world and how we feel about it. The core ideology that the community members of the PDXPE share is creative peaceful solutions to conflict. Our current manifestation of this creativity is the Human Rights Art Installation that will 'open' May 26, 2003 at 6:00 am.

The installation will include:

La Memoria - expressions of thought written on maps that provoke synaptic firing of social consciousness.

The Hideaway Café serving digestive delights, other additions to complement are most welcome including the green to buy the veggies, as are libations (nonalcoholic). Please bring your own non-disposable eating gear (cup, bowl or plate, flatware).

Musical melodies by the PDXPE 'on the street' band.

Peace Cranes based on the story The Thousand Paper Cranes by Sadako.
The cranes made out of aluminum foil represent peace and the rainbow that reflects off the foil is the hope of justice. Too many communities know the health effects of war and how it continues to reverberate years after the initial impact.

Please join us at the 'opening' by being part of the living art that occurs when communities gather together with the common vision of justice.

phone: phone: 503-810-6544

Stupid Liberal Pacifists 25.May.2003 00:50

Truth Teller

This little article from the Portland Peace Encampment exemplifies what is wrong with the so-called Peace organizations in America and Liberalism in general. They may whine and cry and posture about "violence" but they steadfastly refuse to question the Lies upon which America's bloody wars are justified and legitimized. In this case, this person writes that "On March 20, 2003 the United States of America 'shocked and awed' Iraq in a campaign to liberate the people from the regime of Saddam Hussein."

NO. This is another All-American bullshit lie. The USA did not seek to liberate Iraq from anything--unless of course you mean Iraq's oil and Iraq's national sovereignty. Your entire argument against war is essentially based on the complaint that it involved "violence" to achieve American foreign policy objectives. Like the phony Peace Movement in general, you never question these objectives themselves--you never question what right does the American Empire have to overthrow the government of another country, occupy its people, and rape its Energy and Oil resources. If the USA were able to accomplish these foreign policy goals without War, without violence, would you have supported this agenda? I bet most Americans--including supposed "Peace Activists"--would have supported this.

If you don't question the bullshit that the America Lie Machine spews regarding its war, you cannot effectively challenge or oppose America's genocidial wars in any way shape or form. Of course, maybe that is your real agenda. Are you really interested in opposing war--or better yet American Imperialism itself--or are you merely interested in engaging in a self-serving and pious exercise in navel-gazing "activism"?

Truth Teller a word with you... 25.May.2003 10:02


You misunderstand the meaning behind the camp. The camp is an extension of a greater community of people dedicated to decency. The reason Bandelera put the phrase (shocked and awed) in quotion marks was to apologize for using such an odious, decietful phrase, rather than to agree with it. The process continues, because the need continues.

Whatever 25.May.2003 16:19

Truth Teller

"You misunderstand the meaning behind the camp. The camp is an extension of a greater community of people dedicated to decency. The reason Bandelera put the phrase (shocked and awed) in quotion marks was to apologize for using such an odious, decietful phrase, rather than to agree with it. The process continues, because the need continues."

Hey Firetruck, do you know how to read? Or do you merely (mis)interpret what other people write according to your own whims and political predilections? I wasn't questioning the original poster use of the phrase "shock and awed." I was questioning the fact that this person is deliberately repeating the Big Lie that America's bullshit war has anything to do with liberation in Iraq. Understand?

I'll double that whatever 25.May.2003 17:10


hey truthteller. you haven't been paying attention if you think the people at PPE all believe the lie about the grand ol' US going in to save the Iraqi people from their oil, i mean, Saddam. Though the person who posted the original article didn't put the whole phrase in quotes, i think that's how they meant it ... and that they understood they were just repeating the lie as they heard it. i don't know all of them personally, but at least a few make a concerted effort to educate people about the true reason for the iraq invasion: oil and empire.

Sorry to be missing your art opening 26.May.2003 12:49


Hello, Peace Encampment people! My partner and I visited with you one day last week (Thursday?) while we were in town. It was our first visit to Portland, and I am very glad to see all the ways the Portland peace community is active. Houston (where we live) has a smaller, but quite active peace community. Check out our indymedia pages, as well as the Houston Coalition for Justice Not War web site:

< http://houstonjusticenotwar.org>

I think Truth Teller stopped to speak to you while we were there. In any case, she was very knowledgeable, and very angry. Sometimes we all need to be heard, I guess. I think there's room for diverse perspectives in the peace movement, which is really a wider movement for human evolution. I'd like to ask that we not get too carried away with better-than/less-than, all-or-nothing, more-radical-than-thou infighting.

I also wanted to give the following information about David Rovics, a musician I spoke of when our conversation wandered into music and the ways it can carry powerful messages:

"David Rovics is a folksinger of the rabble-rousing variety. He has become something of a fixture in the North American protest scene, performing at demonstrations throughout the continent, including the February 15th anti-war protest (2003, in New York City), A20 (April 20th, 2002 anti-war protest in DC), A16 (April 16th, 2000 protest against the IMF/World Bank), the the September, 2002 IMF/World Bank protests, School of the Americas protests, as well as at notable global justice and peace-related events in Berlin, Prague, Quebec City and many others. David also performs regularly throughout North America, Europe and occasionally elsewhere at festivals, folk clubs, college campuses, and conferences organized by a wide range of progressive groups reflecting the topics that he writes about -- the environment, labor, US foreign policy, globalization, and other topics related to taking on the status quo and changing the world. He has shared the stage with the likes of Pete Seeger, Michael Moore, Billy Bragg, Howard Zinn, Desmond Tutu, Harry Belafonte, Angela Davis, Danny Glover, Susan Serandon and Ralph Nader."

"David Rovics is the musical version of Democracy Now!" -Amy Goodman, host, Demoracy Now!

< http://www.davidrovics.com>

Hope you can bring him to Portland. You can hear some bits of his music on his web site (above).

Many thanks to the dedicated people who keep the PDXPE going! Whatever opinions people have about the encampment, you provide a place to connect with people and a chance for meaningful dialogue, in an incredibly difficult set of circumstances. Hope you know that you're appreciated.

Peace, Nancy

Web sites, try number 2 26.May.2003 13:34


Sorry, it looks like the format I used didn't allow the web site addresses I mentioned to show in my last message. I'll try again:

Houston Coalition for Justice Not War:

David Rovics:

Hope that worked.

Peace, Nancy

Hey T Squared 26.May.2003 16:51


Have you heard of sarcasm? Or irony?

Go PEACE CAMP! 27.May.2003 10:41

Amy (The red head at Peace Camp) pdxanarchychick@yahoo.com

Congratulations! I love you guys and I think that The art installation is what the camp needed!

why? 27.May.2003 13:21


So let me get this straight, as long as human right violations exist, you guys will be downtown 24 hours a day.

You got it dude! 18.Jun.2003 18:54

Amy the red head formerly at ppe now at job corps!

They will stay there ! Side note, I'll be back in 8 days guys!