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Argentina - 6 documentaries - Clinton St. Tues. 27th

Portland Indymedia presents: Six Independent Documentaries on the Current Situation in Argentina. They will be showing at the Clinton St Theatre on May 27th at 8pm
A New Cinema for a New Country 30min
Coverage of the uprising of the 19-20th December 2001 by ADOC, the Association of Documentary Makers of Argentina, and cut by Myriam Angueira and Fernando of Ojo Obrero.

Hinge of History 20 min
Made by Venteveo Video. also coverage of the 19th and 20th but more arty, focused on cool graffiti and mad shots of cops on horses, with a great soundtrack. This is a powerful film from the new resistance.

Beware the Bourgeois Bloc 14min
Made by Postworldindustries, a collection of folks from the Infernal Noise Brigade and Reclaim the Streets London. This funny short film contains great footage of soccer moms and businessmen attacking banks, ATMs and armored cars in the financial district of Buenos Aires.

Cacerolazo in the Rain and Piquetero, 10min.
two shorts by award winning non-profit video collective Bignoisefilms cut on the ground in Argentina shortly after the collapse and uprising.

Eye of the Storm 15min
Stylish documentary essay about the need for really independent news media. This documentary is an ode to Journalistic independence, to decentralized networks and their relationship to the alternative media. In particular, it examines the functioning of the Independent Media Center network and its special place in today's political climate in Argentina.

Clinton Street Cinema
2522 SE Clinton st.
Tuesday, May 27th at 8pm
$5.00 donation at the door

is this a one time event? 24.May.2003 21:55


i can't make this screening, but i'm intrested in the moves. does anyone know if they'll be screened again in portland?

reply 24.May.2003 22:13

indy contributor

one time event only. . .unless it happens to happen again


excellent videos 24.May.2003 22:15


These are excellent videos and you should take the chance to see them while you can. What an interesting situation down in Argentina.

Missed Opportunity 28.May.2003 09:35


I can't say this movie was a waste of money since it went to a great cause...but it certainly was a waste of time. Just because the right-wing majority ruling our nation thinks the left is a bunch of ill-spoken, disorganized, unprofessional kids doesn't mean that we should reflect that in our gatherings. I'm sick of paying babysitters, missing time with friends and family, using up personal time from work, and trucking all over the place to attend activist gatherings "organized" by people that don't respect me enought to start planned events even marginally on time, have the public-speaking skills of a nervous teen or pro athlete (uh........uh.........uh), and think that the garbled mess of the event is somehow their statement against the planned organized leadership that somehow is a hallmark of the right (!?!). Good speaking, leadership, and planning skills are indispensable to the leftist agenda in this country. Fine if you don't care about others in the majority establishment taking you seriously (which is NOT exactly effective I may opine) but PLEASE take your peers and comrades seriously enough to respect them with the care and concern that goes into honing the skills of facilitation.