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As Ancient Trees Fall, Residents set up tree-sits to Protect Public Forest on Wild Klamath River Tributary

Northern California residents today set up Tree-sits in the Glassups Timber Sale in the Klamath National Forest (KNF), on the wild and scenic Salmon River. The Salmon River is the only undamed and undiverted river that feeds the Klamath River and is famous for recreation values and for being the largest Chinook Salmon tributary in the state. Tree sitters say the Glassups Timber Sale is the first of three large-scale public land timber sales that would remove much of the remaining old growth habitat for the Salmon River. Most of the remote Salmon River flows through public lands. The Knob, Meteor, and Glassups old growth Timber Sales cut within the designated Wild and Scenic River corridor and on almost every tributary of both forks of the Salmon River.

"These sales will take most of the rest of the fire resistant moist forest from around all the Salmon River towns and private properties, leaving nothing but fine fuels on steep slopes behind. If these sales all go through what will be left behind of this wild river is slash, fine fuels, landslides and dead fish. This will be at the expense of the rural tourism and fishing economies of the Salmon and Klamath Rivers, along with the wild ecosystems and rare species of the Salmon River" stated the Klamath Salmon Action Network (KSAN) spokeswoman Mary Posa.

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