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Food Not Bombs harassed and dispersed by police

The pigs came in and kicked everybody out of waterfront park who was enjoying food not bombs, and they arrested one person. I didn't see everything, so please add or correct information I've missed. Hopefully someone else who saw more will post. Anyway, food not bombs was served today under the Burnside Bridge at Waterfront Park, and during the course of it two mounted cops kept walking nearby (maybe 3-4 times), spying on us. A police car also drove through once. Once everyone was mostly done eating, and people were starting to get things cleaned up, but most people were still hanging around, one mounted cop and three cops on foot came in and started yelling at everyone to leave. I heard one cop yell that the park was closed. People were mostly cooperating, just some folks asking questions about why they were forcing us to leave public property. After I went and got my bike, I saw that two cops had one female person pinned to the ground with her hands behind her back.

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