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Neighbors respond to someone's questions about why they tear down flyers from utility poles

Wonder why most people dislike (by informal survery) neighborhood utility pole graffitti? Basically, most folks consider a pole covered with (mostly) expired flyers, sometimes inches deep, an eyesore. In addition, since the poles are virtually all private property (utility company), and since the paper draws the preservatives out of the wood and holds moisture in, it does indeed severly damage private property, a blatant form of vandalism. Simply walk down NW 21st, NW 23rd, or Hawthorne Blvd to witness serious exapmles of this

We have received a copy of some questions posted on a utility pole near a City Bike store. Since there was no contact information on the posting, we wonder how the originator expected to be answered (or perhaps the answers were unwanted?). Since posting answers on the pole would only add to the graffitti problem, we decided against it. We hope by responding here, whomever originated the questions will get useful and constructive information.

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