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OSU grad assistants need your help

OSU graduate teaching and research assistants work 40-100 hours a week, make on average less than $12,000 per year, and recieve NO Benefits! Help us help ourselves by writing to OSU President Tim White and telling him to settle on health insurance thats affordable for OSU grad employees. Remember 88% of americans recieve health insurance throught their employeer. Grad employees are no different.
Hey folks,
We, the Graduate Employees at Oregon State University, need your help in
telling OSU's President Tim White that OSU Grad Employees need health insurance
benefits NOW, not empty promises. Please help us as we rally and march on
Wednesday May 28 by sending an e-mail (like the following) to OSU President Tim
We are fighting to recieve the health benefits that Graduate Employees all
over the country allready have. We have been petitioning, bargining, and been
promised these benefits for over 7 years, but OSU's administration has never
followed through. Tell OSU no more empty promises.
OSU Grad Employees
Coalition of Graduate Employees
AFT Local-6069

Dear President White,
I am writing to voice my support for the Coalition of Graduate
Employees (teaching and research assistants) and their effort to secure
affordable health insurance benefits. I feel it is important that the OSU
administration make the health of its employees a priority and settle the
health insurance trust negotiations now. The OSU administration has delayed
and denied health insurance benefits to its Graduate Employees for more than 8
years. Now is the time to stop! OSU Graduate Employees need health insurance
that all can afford, not empty promises, and they need it now! Mr. White,
please instruct OSU's bargining team to do what is right, and settle the health
insurance trust with a plan that all OSU Graduate Employees can afford. The
reputation and quality of OSU demand it.

president whites e-mail address 22.May.2003 12:10

Luke Ackerman

President Tim white can be e-mailed on Wednesdat at
Have Fun!

tax dollar tycoons 22.May.2003 12:58


Umm I think we're already spending way way too much on school employees!. This is from KOIN 6 site.

SALEM, Ore. -- Officially, Oregon spent about $5.5 billion on state salaries over the past two years.
But that?s just the tip of the iceberg. There are ?on-the-book? salaries -- of full state workers in departments like Human Services, ODOT, ODFW and Corrections. There are ?secondary book? salaries, such as Higher Education, where state money mixes with tuition, grants, etc. Then there are ?off-book? items like the so-called ?public-private? agencies: OHSU and OPB, which use mostly private cash mixed with some tax dollars -- and SAIF, which operates like a private business but is owned by the state, pays no federal income tax, and whose employees collect PERS and other benefits.
On Thursday, May 1 -- one day after KOIN-TV ran a story about SAIF -- a key state Senate committee passed a bill aimed at selling it.
And there?s more: The state pays most of the money for local schools. Teachers and other employees end up with most of that. Prosecuting attorneys and other local officials get money from the state.
A state bill (HB3073) would force an open publication of all state-related salaries. Meanwhile, you?ll find more than 200 of them in the list below.

Ron Adams ? OSU Dean $183,960
Katherine Keene ? SAIF President $314,182
Pamela Jordan ? SAIF V.P. $179,000
Cherri Pancake ? OSU Dept. Head $182,316
John Mosely ? UO Provost $197,284
Steven Shelton ? Prison Clinic Dir. $182,652
Jerald Felder ? Prison Doctor $170,688
Brian Steffel ? SAIF V.P. $233,023
Peter Kohler ? OHSU President $600,000**
Timothy White ? OSU Interim Pres. $217,008
John Lattimer ? Dept.Admin Svc.(DAS) $136,416
Gary Weeks ? DAS Director $123,756
Maynard Orme ? OPB President $210,773
Ronald Schmitz ? Investment Mgr. $175,008
Richard Jarvis ? Chancellor $224,016
Karen Gunson ? Medical Examiner $142,416
Laura Nissen ? PSU Director $151,428
Joseph Beckman ? OSU Director $164,892
Wayne Kradjan ? OSU Dean $155,400
Dave Frohnmayer ? UO President $278,024 - plus housing and use of car
Thayne Dutson ? OSU Dean $160,500
Frederick Dahlquist ? UO Professor $139,848
Dominick Vetri ? UO Professor $138,590
Arthur Sleight ? OSU Chem. Chair $145,770
George Degner ? Prison Doctor $170,688
Steven Fritz ? State Hosp. Manager $143,208
Ian Duncan ? Prison Doctor $136,416
Greg Lytle ? Prison Doctor $136,416
Philip Romero ? UO Dean $174,652
Marvin Fickle ? Prison Doctor $170,688
John Vargo ? Prison Doctor $165,720
Jack Galmiche ? OPB CEO $177,788
James Carrington ? OSU Botany Dir. $147,456
Nohad Toulan- PSU Urban Aff. Dean $147,864
Laird Kirkpatrick ? UO Law Dean $188,485
Michael Allen Mueller ? SAIF V.P. $177,786
Cecil Tibbets ? SAIF V.P. $165,814
Dennis Martin ? SAIF Lawyer $130,890
David White ? DOT Manager $136,416
Garry Robinson ? SAIF Tech. Mgr. $125,000
Martha Anne Dow ? OIT Pres. $163,008
Kay Schaffer ? OSU Lib. Arts Dean $148,056
Daniel Bernstine ? PSU President $170,396
Shirley Clark ? Sr. Vice Chancellor $162,504
Thomas Anderes ? Sr.Vice Chancellor $162,504
Robert Dryden ? PSU Dean $170,448
Mark Abbott ? OSU Dean $162,756
Lorraine Davis ? UO Vice President $160,018
R.J. Mooney ? UO Law Professor $155,084
Hal Salwasser ? OSU Forestry Dean $154,332
Allan Price ? UO Vice President $153,000
Joe Stone ? UO Arts & Sciences Dean $153,000
Roy Arnold ? OSU Exec. Assoc. Dean $152,076
Rennard Strickland ? UO Law Prof. $152,000
Mary Kay Tetreault ? PSU Provost $151,104
Tammy Bray ? OSU Dean $150,012
Ilene Kleinsorge ? OSU Dean $150,012
Orcilia Forbes ? OSU Vice President $148,824
Balz Frei ? OSU Director $148,440
Kay Schaffer ? OSU Dean $148,056
Raymond King ? UO Assoc. Dean $147,143
Michael Kassner ? OSU Professor $146,244
Arthur Sleight ? OSU Endowed Chair $145,770
Benjamin Rawlins ? Dep. Chancellor $128,004
Brenda Rocklin ? Lottery Director $123,756
Clifford Nelson ? Dep. Med. Examiner $123,756
Grant Higginson ? Executive Manager $123,756
Richard Lytle ? Dir., Univ.Software Engineer $140,412
John Cuddy ? Human Services Mgr. $136,416
Jean Thorne ? DSHS Director $123,756
Wayne Huber ? OSU Professor $132,612
Jeffrey McDonnell ? OSU Professor $125,676
Theresa McHugh ? DAS Manager $117,840
Glen Rudner ? OSP Med. Examiner $117,840
Grant Clark ? Prison Doctor $117,840
Ole Hansen ? Prison Doctor $117,840
David Fleming ? Health Divison Mgr. $117,840
Visala Nanduri ? E. OR Psych Cntr. Dr. $117,744
Bruce Goldberg ? DAS Manager $117,636
Maria Prokhorova ? OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Barney Saunders ? OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Luvy Ruiz-Martinez ? State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Solomon Wolf ? OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Lorraine Skach ? State Hosp. Doctor $117,072
Nina Yurevich ? State Hosp. Doctor $117,072
Charles Faulk ? OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Donald Saint-Just - OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
John Meyer - OR State Hosp. Doctor $117,072
David Jobe - OR State Hosp. Doctor $117,072
Kay Reichlin - OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Alex Horwitz - OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Michael Robinson OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Patricia Zurflieh - OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Donald Dravis - OR State Hosp. Doctor $117,072
Scott Reichlin - OR State Hosp. Doctor $117,072
Elizabeth Birecree - OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,072
Crispin Juguilon - OR State Hosp. Dr. $117,078
Diane Vines ? Univ. Ext. Relations $127,008
Daniel Williams ? UO Admin. V.P. $144,200
Jay Kenton ? PSU Vice President $143,112
Anne Leavitt ? UO Vice President $142,008
Richard Steers ? UO Professor $141,639
Theresa Fiez ? OSU Department Head $141,624
Gary Seitz ? UO Associate Dean $141,180
Mark McCambridge ? OSU V.P. $141,000
Curt Pederson ? OSU Vice Provost $139,584
Richard Linton ? OU Vice Provost $138,720
Martin Kaufman ? UO Education Dean $136,990
William McCaughhan ? OSU Dean $138,588
Sherman Bloomer ? OSU Science Dean $137,700
Larry Roper ? OSU Vice Provost $137,100
Robert Lloyd ? OSU VP & Director $136,620
Gary Withers ? PSU VP, Univ. Relations $136,572
Utako Sekiya ? E. OR Psych Cntr. Doctor $117,072
Crispin Juguilon ? E. OR Psych Cntr. Dr. $117,072
Tina Kitchen ? Mental Health Doctor $114,636
David Pollack ? Mental Health Doctor $114,636
Alex Burt ? Mental Health Doctor $114,636
Susan McCall ? Med. Examiners Board Dr. $114,636
Colleen Sealock ? Lottery Ass?t Dir. $112,320
Peter Bragdon ? Governor?s Chief of Staff $112,272
Lewis Brantley ? Econ. Development Mgr. $112,272
Peter Shepherd ? Justice Dept. Manager $112,272
Paul Warner ? Revenue Officer $112,272
Elizabeth Harchenko ? Director of Revenue Department $112,272
Steve Gruber ? Investment Manager $114,200
John Koreski ? Corrections Dept. Manager $112,272
Nicholas Armenakis ? Corrections Mgr. $112,272
Ben DeHaan ? Corrections Director $112,272
Barry Kast ? Mental Health Manager $112,272
Satyanara Chandragiri ? Psych Cntr. Mgr. $112,272
Melvin Kohn ? Health Division Mgr. $112,272
James Neely ? Human Services Mgr. $112,272
Ramona Foley ? Family Services Mgr. $112,272
Karen Brazeau ? Youth Authority Mg. $112,272
Daneil Adelman ? Consumer Svcs. Mgr. $112,272
Cory Striesinger ? Consumer Affairs Dir. $112,272
Deborah Lincoln ? Employment Dept. Mgr. $112,272
Bruce Warner ? ODOT Manager $112,272
Alice Van Sickle ? ODOT Manager $112,272
John Rosenberger ? ODOT Manager $112,272
Kingsley Click ? State Court Administrator $108,288
James O?Fallon ? UO Professor $135,097
Larry Dann ? US Finance Professor $134,612
Jane Lubchenco ? OSU Endowed Chair $134,612
Dale Morse ? UO Associate Dean & Prof. $133,895
George Evans ? UO Econ. Professor $133,874
Andrew Klein ? OSU Radiation Ctr. Dir. $133,700
George Holdren ? OSU Vice Provost $133,368
Marvin Kaiser ? PSU Dean $133,056
Richard Billo ? OSU Dept. Head $132,612
Roderick Capaldi ? UO Professor $132,296
Melinda Grier ? UO General Counsel $131,840
Wayne Mikkelson ? UO Finance Professor $131,471
Erik Fritzell ? OSU Associate Dean $131,088
Jay Casbon ? OSU Vice Provost $130,008
John Fewel ? Investment Officer $130,000
James Hartwig ? Prison Doctor $129,912
Elizabeth Sazie ? Prison Doctor $129,912
Helen Gernon ? UO Accounting Professor $128,633
Michael Taylor ? OSU Department Head $129,840
Lyla Houglum ? OSU Dean $129,756
Barbara Aldave ? UO Law Center Director $129,672
Charles Foley ? UO Music Dean $128,310
Dundar Kocaoglu ? PSU Director $128,004
Sally Francis ? OSU Dean $127,581
Zary Segall ? UO Computer Professor $126,761
Arnold Stevan ? OSU Professor $124,440
Lora jasman ? OSU Health Center Director $124,224
William Wood ? PSU Professor $124,000
Ling-Jung Koong ? OSU Professor $123,756
Alan Meyer ? UO Professor $121,221
Maurice Holland ? UO Professor $120,673
Paul Farber ? OSU Department Head $124,044
Leslie Burns ? OSU Interim Vice Provost $124,000
Deborah Carver ? UO Librarian $123,783
Joel Munson ? UO Associate Vice President $122,570
Linda Blythe ? OSU Associate Dean $121,236
Elizabeth Zinser ? SOU President $135,516
Solomon Yim ? OSU Professor $120,673
John Westfall ? OSU Department Chair $121,776
David Henderson ? Legislative Administrator $107,000
Thomas Riebold ? OSU Clinical Sciences $118,368
Nicklas Pisias ? OSU Professor $118,956
David Williams =- OSU Director $119,000
M.M. Partch ? UO Professor $119,128
Eugene Luks ? UO Professor $119,219
Robert Bontrager ? OSU Assistant Provost $119,448
Jerry Heidel ? OSU Veterinarian Lab Dir. $119,688
Scott Wells ? PSU Department Chair $119,848
Timothy Wood ? Manager, Dept. of Justice $101,844
Stephanie Striffler ? Mgr, Dept. of Justice $101,844
Ann Brand ? Manager, Dept. Human Svcs. $101,844
Susan Acuff ? Corrections Dept. Manager $101,844
Jon Mangis ? Veterans Affairs Manager $101,844
Joan Palmateer ? Corrections Dept. Manager $101,844
Jean Hill ? Corrections Dept. Manager $101,844
Mitchell Morrow ? Corrections Manager $101,844
Robert Lampert ? Corrections Manager $101,844
Mike Bellotti ? UO Football Coach -$625,000+Bonuses+Incentives+Benefits*
Ernie Kent ? UO Basketball Coach - $450,000+Bonuses,Incentives, Etc.*
Mike Riley ? OSU Football Coach - $625,000+Bonuses,Incentives, Etc.*
Jay John ? OSU Basketball Coach - $140,000+Bonuses, Incentives, Etc.*

*The major-college, major-sports coaches get little if any tax money; their programs generate revenue, though some other athletics run a deficit.
**Peter Kohler and other OHSU staffers receive some state money, but most of their pay comes from other sources; admissions, medical costs, grants, etc. OHSU claims that Kohler is "not a state employee." SAIF insists that it is not a "state agency" and gets its money from its customers. SAIF pays no federal income tax, and its employees get PERS, the Oregon state retirement fund.

So...what's your point? 22.May.2003 13:28


Your list shows what the fat cats at the top make...not what the workers make. These grad students are makin $12,000 a year (that's twelve thousand) and working 40 to 100 hours a week. Guess who keeps the universities running. This is slave labor. They need to have medical benefits to keep their health...if you can working that many hours a week. Give it up guys...a fair wage is not the same as gorging ones self while others do the labor. We need to get the fat cats off the top and release the money to the workers.

My Point 22.May.2003 13:42


We need to get the fat cats off the top and release the money to the workers. !!!!! THATS MY POINT!

bill, i don't think you understand "state" salaries 22.May.2003 14:38


many, if not most, of the people cited above get their salaries from money outside of the state. laura nisson, for example, makes so much money because she is the director of a grant from the robert wood johnson foundation, for prevention of juvenile delinquency. that money comes from rwj, goes to the state, then goes to laura. in the middle, psu ("the state") siphons off between 30 and 60% of the money before it goes to laura's project! that's money that goes from a private foundation to support a state service, not the other way around! the money is NOT coming out of our tax pockets, in fact the money is being returned to our pockets (because we then have less of a tax burden to support portland state university)! she makes a big salary because robert wood johnson approves it, not the taxpayers.

almost all of the other "high salaried" faculty are in the same or similar situation. administration (presidents, deans, and such) are usually in a different situation, although i believe that many of them still "bring their own salary with them" (just as laura did when she joined psu).

and besides 22.May.2003 14:42


and besides, these salaries are really quite small when compared to private universities and business. a comparable dean or president at a private university would be making between 50-250% more than the folks you listed here. a comparable ceo at a business the size of a state university would be making between 200-2000% more than what you listed here.

Excessive 22.May.2003 18:00


All I know is that from my science university experience they are making too much for the amount of work theyre doing. Most profs are usually gone by 12 or 1 pm every day and 3-4 days off a week.

I wish I could get a G.A. 24.May.2003 16:47


Over here at PSU, graduates are lucky to even get a Graduate (or Teaching) Assistanceship since the funding has to come out of the department's budget (Physics). There's intense competition to get the few available openings which makes alot of graduates work T.A. jobs for free in hopes of getting a 'good recommendation' for a T.A. next year. Of course all it does is make the department less likely to fund T.A.s as they usually get the new students for free anyway. I was thinking of working for free myself but I decided it wasn't worth it just for some added 'work experience' and a possible slim chance of getting one next year. I guess I'm stuck with student loans. Sigh.

grad assistants are workers 25.May.2003 13:25

UO grad

OSU grads are not fat cats as very well pointed out above....its all besides the point

When we employ our graduate students to teach and perform research, do they deserve basic health care benefits?

Thats the only question you need to ask. If the answer is anything except 'no' then the choice of action is clear, write to White and tell him that!

not OSU grads fault 25.May.2003 13:36

not a 'bill'

As taxpaying citizens who resepect the work our educators and researchers perform, we need to insist that our other state employees (OSU President Tim White in this case) need to respect the actuall workers (graduate teaching and research assistants) and compensate them accordingly.

The fact of the mater is that grad school is a competative market. OSU is loosing competative grads. The lack of health insurance is listed as a top reason for not attending/working at OSU by potential grad students who choose to go elsewhere. Oregon is only shooting itself in the foot.

While it is reprehensible that PSU grads are being exploited, it is no justification for exploiting OSU grads. The PSU/OSU distinction is irrelevant. What matters is that working without pay is WRONG! Just like working without pay and benefits sufficient to maintain your basic health is WRONG!
I say PSU/OSU/UO grads need to start organizing eachother and demanding equal pay and benefits.

Bill, It is not OSU grads fault that you think other state employees are lazy. OSU grads are not lazy and they NEED your help.

acquaintance 04.Jun.2003 05:42

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