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9.11 investigation

WasingtonPost/FTW follow up: the mouse that roared

FromTheWilderness want to do a follow-up ad to the "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" one that reached 2.5 million people last week.
Read it here:


It's almost frigtening they want to get on the "radar" of Herr Bush like that... Beware the cornered rats... But then again I'm just a Peak Oil doom & Gloomer !

May 21, 2003, 1500 PDT (FTW) - Since our ad ran in The Washington Post last Friday we have been completely overwhelmed with email and calls from people who want to help run the ad in more newspapers in America and around the world.

Well, we've got your request covered!

posix (still looking into discussing peak oil more on this IMC and others).
Peak oil ... 22.May.2003 02:07

Nissart barthelemy.giordana@groupe-tgs.mc

Hi Posix,
Send me a mail for peak oil brainstorming issues :)