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great independent radio station
Corporate radio sucks and sounds like its going to get more monopolistic corporate with deregulation now. Boycott the suckers. I listen to this great totally independent internet radio station called radioparadise out of Paradise CA. They, (a DJ and his wife) play lots of types of music from Indian trip-hop to the Dead to the Smiths to the Vines to Leftover Salmon to J. Cash etc etc with NO ADVERTISING at all! Radio Paradise
Oh yeah 22.May.2003 00:13


They also play lots of independent bands and musicians that corporate radio would never ever play.

Dig it! Nice tip! 22.May.2003 00:31


I especially liked the name of the CD that they were just playing: Artist: World Party, CD: Goodbye Jumbo.

Yeah, We know-- 22.May.2003 08:08

so speak out!

Come protest Clear Channel Thursday the 29th at 4:30 at their ofices on Macadam