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Oregon poetry anthology censored

After weeks of editing and sending out for bids from book manufacturers, we though we had found the right company, with the right price, to print RAISING OUR VOICES: AN ANTHOLOGY OF OREGON POETS AGAINST THE WAR. We sent it off early last week, and have been waiting patiently for our blueline. Instead of a draft, today we received a package with our book in it, a returned check, and a letter from the company....

"We appreciate you sending the job materials for RAISING OUR VOICES. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept the order. After reviewing the laser copy we believe that our employees may take offense to the content of the book. We would also risk offending our customers who do not share the same point of view as portrayed in the book.

We regret any inconvenience to you and trust you will understand our decision."

This kind of censorship is of particular concern to writers and tiny publishers like us. There are only a few dozen affordable, small-run (less the 2000 copies) book manufacturers in the U.S. Our options are now one less, and our publishing schedule has been set back at least two weeks.
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