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Three days of chemtrails over Portland reported on indymedia

As reported on 19 May on the open publishing newswire: I got up this morning to a brisk chilly wind from the North and found a bit of sun to wake up in. Happily, I saw that the ubitquitous cloud cover of recent days had passed and that today we have a beautiful blue sky with only a bit of haze around the horizon. I like the sun, and at this time of year find myself wishing that Oregon wasn't *quite* so rainy. Then I scanned eastward and saw all the chemtrails.

From a comment to the same post: I have been monitoring the chemtrails for a number of months now. A half-dozen or so jets fly over Eugene every so often, especially when the weather is warming up, and spray the fuck out of the city. Within moments their trails turn into wispy clouds which, more often than not, turn into rainclouds. It just happened today. I was at Fred Meyer in Eugene in the gardening area. I saw four jets spraying something that did not disappear but formed into a haze, I can see it out my window still. I walked home while the spraying continued. One jet in particular had a "chemtrail" that abruptly stopped and started again. Strange? These sprayings happen about once a week. Look up sometime.

Reported today (the 21st): A prediction: The trails will continue early next morning and on through the day. The white haze that today ended up in will thicken to cover the majority of the sky for the majority of the day. The spraying will continue for perhaps 72 hour total, give or take, and we will likely not see another concentrated spraying effort for several more weeks.

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