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Third Day of Heavy Aerial Spraying...a Pattern?

A prediction: The trails will continue early next morning and on through the day. The white haze that today ended up in will thicken to cover the majority of the sky for the majority of the day. The spraying will continue for perhaps 72 hour total, give or take, and we will likely not see another concentrated spraying effort for several more weeks.
That was on the 19th from  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/05/264968.shtml

Did we have white skies yesterday? Grids in the skies today? You betcha'. Am I the weatherman? Nope. But it doesn't take a meteorologist to guess that, since the pattern with these chemtrails seems to be 72 hour blocks of heavy aerial spraying every couple of weeks. Grids of planes spraying aerosoled particulates of what has aparently been identified as Aluminum Oxide, Barium, Magnesium, Quartz and/or biological material

The articles below illustrate my observation of the three day blocks:

No Press Releases for Covert Programs-Chemtrails Past 72 hrs.

Second Day of PDX Chemical Spraying As Heavy As The First

This snippet of extrapolated information is important since very little is known for sure about this covert military spraying campaign. A few things we can figure out simply by connecting the dots, though. For instance, a program such as this would obviously require a fleet of pilots. We can also imagine the program would be monitered by a handful of eggheads who would make adjustments and handle the logistics. I think that we can also be pretty sure that at least one of the miltary bases involved with these activities would be NORAD inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado since nothing happens in US/Canadian airspace without NORAD's say-so (...except those four hijacked planes on 9/11. NORAD sez: "My Bad!").

So chemtrails come in approximately 72 hour blocks of heavy activity with weeks in between of little or no activity at all. Unfourtunately, aside from a few other details like the elements thought to be sprayed, the usual lack of identifying markings on the planes painted silver or white and of course, the unusual grid, criss cross flight patterns, we do not have much reliable information on the why's, how's and who's of this program. Notably the current and former official Air Force colors are white and silver--look at 'em with binoculars. I would be surprised if the Air Force was not the arm primarily concerned with the chemtrail program given the Vision 2025: Weather as a Force Multiplier paper it put out. I would also guess that many more other government agencies than I can say five times fast are involved that I have not implicated.

So the inevitable question, at least for the more naive of us, is well, that's an awful lot of people involved with this totally illegal project--why don't they talk about it? The answer is simple enough though, as it has worked for such incredibly secret programs such as the Manhattan Project:

"It's classified."
. 21.May.2003 18:31


Does anybody have an idea as to what the chemicals that are being sprayed do?

not quite sure about this, but... 21.May.2003 18:45

this thing here

the chemicals i've heard about are somehow metallic. they contain aluminum silicates or something? they are also designed to create aerosolized clouds or haze. anyways, these fake "clouds", with their metallic components, act as a radar reflector. "over the horizon" radar beams focused in the direction of the "clouds" bounce off them. instead of the radar beams being shot off into space, they bounce off the clouds, back down INTO the earth's atmosphere. not real knowlegable about this obviously, but if you shot radar from NORAD for instance, in the direction of china, it's going to keep travelling in a straight line, off into space, which is useless. the clouds act as reflectors. they bounce the beams back down. they keep the beams heading towards china. obviously the pacific coast is the place to keep these floating cloud reflectors if you want to check out whats happening over the horizon in the direction of china.

i doubt they're very good for the environment.

elements found 21.May.2003 19:27

Agent Orange

aluminium oxide (which is inert, but reflective), barium (slightly radioactive), magnisium, quartz and biological materials have been found in rain water samples taken after heavy spraying.


Now that you mention it - 21.May.2003 19:29


yesterday was suppose to be clear and sunny - and it wasn't. Overcast in the most odd way. I rode my bike from MLK - Downtown - and then over to Hawthorne - and the whole time - it felt like someone was spitting on me. Rain you say? Sure didn't seem like it - it's was extremely strange - because it wasn't sprinkles - and it was raining - it was just here and there - but consistant - does that make sense?

I wonder if they did so much spraying - that some of it fell in larger drops? I'm not educated on this -

Don't Worry... 21.May.2003 20:48


Don't worry about the jet contrails in the sky because they are completely harmless. Contrails are nothing more than frozen condensation that forms on the hot jet exhaust as it enters the freezing atmosphere. Mr. Carnicon would lead you to believe that everyone in the United States and the rest of the world for that matter is being slowly poisoned by "chemtrails". Needless to say, if this was the case then everyone including those that ordered and carryed out such spraying would be affected as well because everyone breathes the same air. Mr. Carnicon's only goal is to attract attention to himself. This is the same goal of Mr. Rense as well so be advised.

it is odd.. 21.May.2003 21:26

Agent Orange

As I understand it the persistence of the "contrails" is due to the small particles being dispersed by the planes. I think that it causes water to gather around the chaff, like cloud seeding. I don't know everything either, that's why need the input of active minds to fill in the blanks...

Anyhow, I felt the extremely light "sprinkles" too, and I expected that eery white sky from past experience.

2 Cents 21.May.2003 21:45


Thank you Agent Orange.

Just a note to those interested...there are two other chemtrail message threads going on Portland indymedia right now, check them out. A great way to find out data fast about chemtrail activity, composition and all that is to search on Google with "Chemtrails"....it is that simple - lots of info around.

I have started taking photos of the chemtrail activity down here in Eugene; I will have them up sometime in the next couple days.

To add to your predictions Agent Orange, I believe chemtrail activity will increase due to less natural cloud cover, perhaps weekly?

I have heard two theories about why the sprayings are going on:
1) to aid RADAR to peak over the horizon (new to me)
2) to block the suns radiation to slow global warming (I have seen alot of documentation about this)

Is it one or the other or both? Both would utilize metalic components in the "spray".

Another thing... 21.May.2003 21:59


Earlier today, down here in Eugene, the whole sky was a sickly, milky white. Around noon, a patch of blue started to reveal itself but was quickly sewn up by a vigilant chemtrailer. Later in the day the sky healed back to blue accompanied by three or four chemtrailers that didn't accomplish much in the way of frosting the sky. I have photos of their attempts from the U of O. The sunset was pretty though unnatural in an eerie way - kinda like a face lift. The clouds were a dirty rust red not rosey.

...wow 21.May.2003 22:11


....you all are smoking waaaaaaaaay too much pot. The contrails are from jet aircraft--some are military, of course, but the majority are from commercial jets--you know, the kind that fly folks and packages throughout the world. Must everything be a plot?

And yet another one... 21.May.2003 22:29


Do some research. There were chemtrails spotted during the grounding of all commercial airliners during and after 9/11.

Hmm...you believe that we smoke pot but do not believe in "chemtrails" even though there is more proof about chemtrails than us smoking pot. You are a strange one.

Thanks for your constructive input.

.....here....try this site 21.May.2003 22:48



Yes, you can safely conclude that the contrails spotted after 9/11 were from military aircraft, and there were a lot of military aircraft in the sky following 9/11. But, I am sorry, they are CONtrails...I suppose one might find them sinister, but everyone is welcome to their opinions. I just wish folks would indulge in a little less mystical thinking about their surroundings and their meanings. And, yes, smoking too much pot can result in paranoid and mystical thinking. There are many problems in the world--too many for a lot of energy spent in paranoid imaginings.

These are just my thoughts--you are welcome to yours.

to francek... 22.May.2003 07:11

this thing here

have you heard of cloud seeding? it is an attempt to create rain producing clouds by spraying chemicals. the chemicals contain small particles which attract cloud or moisture, which then apparently help to create rain clouds. rather than just clouds. by spraying this stuff in to regular, non-rain producing clouds, you create rain producing clouds. hence the term cloud seeding.

anyways, when doing this, the chemicals were sprayed out of tanks that look like bombs, under the aricraft's wings. they would produce a "chemtrail". on another thread, someone had a picture of a jet aircraft with underwing tanks releasing a white, cloudy trail of something. the interesting thing about the picture was that the engines of this aircraft were NOT releasing any trails. for that would a contrail.

a "condensation-trail" is produced by a jet aircrafts engines. obviously, the jet exhaust is incredibly hot. obviously, the upper atmosphere is incredibly cold. when hot and cold mix, condensation moisture is created, and "contrails" form.

now, the point is, do contrials fill whole skies with weird haze? no, they don't. you'd need 1000's of planes flying back and forth all day to fill even a small patch of sky. and another thing about contrails is that eventually they disappear. as the temperatures equalize, and the condensation moisture evaporates, they disappear. they do NOT linger for hours and start floating accross the sky filling up whole skies.

yes, of course there's a whole lot of commercial air traffic crossing the pacific coast. but i seriously doubt that the amount there is could ever create any of these kind of effects. however, aircraft releasing somekind of undisclosed chemtrails, with chemicals specifically designed to linger for hours and hours, for whatever kind of undisclosed reasons, could create the lingering haze.

Chemtrails over Eugene today. 22.May.2003 10:28


There is some chemtrail activity over Eugene today (May 22) - lighter than the past three days. I was able to get a photo of a chemtrail with a definite break in it. I sure miss blue skies with puffy clouds, or at least REAL rainclouds. Where are all the typical cloud formations? Are we to only have bleak, white skies and hazy horizons?

Debunkers, don't even bother.

White Skies Again Today...Some Background 22.May.2003 10:58

Agent Orange

Stratosfear: I think there are many uses for the chemtrail program, so I would say both of your ideas are well reasoned, plausible arguments. Check out the many uses of HAARP at:


The following is to sections from the Air Force's Vision 2025: Weather as a Force Multiplier (and yes, the creepy graphics are from the report)

Chapter 2
Required Capability

Why Would We Want to Mess with the Weather?

According to Gen Gordon Sullivan, former Army chief of staff, "As we leap technology into the 21st century, we will be able to see the enemy day or night, in any weather- and go after him relentlessly."3 A global, precise, real-time, robust, systematic weather-modification capability would provide war-fighting CINCs with a powerful force multiplier to achieve military objectives. Since weather will be common to all possible futures, a weather-modification capability would be universally applicable and have utility across the entire spectrum of conflict. The capability of influencing the weather even on a small scale could change it from a force degrader to a force multiplier.

People have always wanted to be able to do something about the weather. In the US, as early as 1839, newspaper archives tell of people with serious and creative ideas on how to make rain.4 In 1957, the president's advisory committee on weather control explicitly recognized the military potential of weather-modification, warning in their report that it could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb.5

However, controversy since 1947 concerning the possible legal consequences arising from the deliberate alteration of large storm systems meant that little future experimentation could be conducted on storms which had the potential to reach land.6 In 1977, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution prohibiting the hostile use of environmental modification techniques. The resulting "Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Technique (ENMOD)" committed the signatories to refrain from any military or other hostile use of weather-modification which could result in widespread, long-lasting, or severe effects.7 While these two events have not halted the pursuit of weather-modification research, they have significantly inhibited its pace and the development of associated technologies, while producing a primary focus on suppressive versus intensification activities.

The influence of the weather on military operations has long been recognized. During World War II, Eisenhower said,

[i]n Europe bad weather is the worst enemy of the air [operations]. Some soldier once said, "The weather is always neutral." Nothing could be more untrue. Bad weather is obviously the enemy of the side that seeks to launch projects requiring good weather, or of the side possessing great assets, such as strong air forces, which depend upon good weather for effective operations. If really bad weather should endure permanently, the Nazi would need nothing else to defend the Normandy coast!8

The impact of weather has also been important in more recent military operations. A significant number of the air sorties into Tuzla during the initial deployment supporting the Bosnian peace operation aborted due to weather. During Operation Desert Storm, Gen Buster C. Glosson asked his weather officer to tell him which targets would be clear in 48 hours for inclusion in the air tasking order (ATO).9 But current forecasting capability is only 85 percent accurate for no more than 24 hours, which doesn't adequately meet the needs of the ATO planning cycle. Over 50 percent of the F-117 sorties weather aborted over their targets and A-10s only flew 75 of 200 scheduled close air support (CAS) missions due to low cloud cover during the first two days of the campaign.10 The application of weather-modification technology to clear a hole over the targets long enough for F-117s to attack and place bombs on target or clear the fog from the runway at Tuzla would have been a very effective force multiplier. Weather-modification clearly has potential for military use at the operational level to reduce the elements of fog and friction for friendly operations and to significantly increase them for the enemy.

What Do We Mean by "Weather-modification"?

Today, weather-modification is the alteration of weather phenomena over a limited area for a limited period of time.11 Within the next three decades, the concept of weather-modification could expand to include the ability to shape weather patterns by influencing their determining factors.12 Achieving such a highly accurate and reasonably precise weather-modification capability in the next 30 years will require overcoming some challenging but not insurmountable technological and legal hurdles.

Technologically, we must have a solid understanding of the variables that affect weather. We must be able to model the dynamics of their relationships, map the possible results of their interactions, measure their actual real-time values, and influence their values to achieve a desired outcome. Society will have to provide the resources and legal basis for a mature capability to develop. How could all of this happen? The following notional scenario postulates how weather-modification might become both technically feasible and socially desirable by 2025.

Between now and 2005, technological advances in meteorology and the demand for more precise weather information by global businesses will lead to the successful identification and parameterization of the major variables that affect weather. By 2015, advances in computational capability, modeling techniques, and atmospheric information tracking will produce a highly accurate and reliable weather prediction capability, validated against real-world weather. In the following decade, population densities put pressure on the worldwide availability and cost of food and usable water. Massive life and property losses associated with natural weather disasters become increasingly unacceptable. These pressures prompt governments and/or other organizations who are able to capitalize on the technological advances of the previous 20 years to pursue a highly accurate and reasonably precise weather-modification capability. The increasing urgency to realize the benefits of this capability stimulates laws and treaties, and some unilateral actions, making the risks required to validate and refine it acceptable. By 2025, the world, or parts of it, are able to shape local weather patterns by influencing the factors that affect climate, precipitation, storms and their effects, fog, and near space. These highly accurate and reasonably precise civil applications of weather-modification technology have obvious military implications. This is particularly true for aerospace forces, for while weather may affect all mediums of operation, it operates in ours.

The term weather-modification may have negative connotations for many people, civilians and military members alike. It is thus important to define the scope to be considered in this paper so that potential critics or proponents of further research have a common basis for discussion.

In the broadest sense, weather-modification can be divided into two major categories: suppression and intensification of weather patterns. In extreme cases, it might involve the creation of completely new weather patterns, attenuation or control of severe storms, or even alteration of global climate on a far-reaching and/or long-lasting scale. In the mildest and least controversial cases it may consist of inducing or suppressing precipitation, clouds, or fog for short times over a small-scale region. Other low-intensity applications might include the alteration and/or use of near space as a medium to enhance communications, disrupt active or passive sensing, or other purposes. In conducting the research for this study, the broadest possible interpretation of weather-modification was initially embraced, so that the widest range of opportunities available for our military in 2025 were thoughtfully considered. However, for several reasons described below, this paper focuses primarily on localized and short-term forms of weather-modification and how these could be incorporated into war-fighting capability. The primary areas discussed include generation and dissipation of precipitation, clouds, and fog; modification of localized storm systems; and the use of the ionosphere and near space for space control and communications dominance. These applications are consistent with CJCSI 3810.01, "Meteorological and Oceanographic Operations."13

Extreme and controversial examples of weather modification-creation of made-to-order weather, large-scale climate modification, creation and/or control (or "steering") of severe storms, etc.-were researched as part of this study but receive only brief mention here because, in the authors' judgment, the technical obstacles preventing their application appear insurmountable within 30 years.14 If this were not the case, such applications would have been included in this report as potential military options, despite their controversial and potentially malevolent nature and their inconsistency with standing UN agreements to which the US is a signatory.

On the other hand, the weather-modification applications proposed in this report range from technically proven to potentially feasible. They are similar, however, in that none are currently employed or envisioned for employment by our operational forces. They are also similar in their potential value for the war fighter of the future, as we hope to convey in the following chapters. A notional integrated system that incorporates weather-modification tools will be described in the next chapter; how those tools might be applied are then discussed within the framework of the Concept of Operations in chapter 4.


francek, the urbanlegends article debunks nothing 22.May.2003 14:26


First of all, the article presupposes that the the trails people are talking about are "contrails" or "condensation trails". The word "chemtrails" does not even appear in the article. I saw no discussion of the trails that come out of wing-mounted tanks rather than from behind the engines, that start and stop suddenly, or the gooey stuff that has fallen to the ground in many places and in some cases been found by a farmer or other local and analyzed in labs. Where in the article does it explain the obvious contradiction between condensation trails that invariably disappear within minutes, and the sticky-looking white trails that spread out and cover the sky?

That article is just a piece of propaganda. I've noticed these "urban legends" sites are often used to spread disinfo on items that are embarrassing / threatening to powerful parties.

Thanks for trying.

WW cover story on contrails 22.May.2003 20:44


See  http://www.wweek.com/flatfiles/allstories.lasso?xxin=1982


Every morning when she opens her eyes, Patricia Leedy, a Hillsboro antique dealer, rolls out of bed, pulls back the blinds and scans the sky. She's not worried about the terrorists. She's worried about jet contrails.

I wish America the worst. 22.May.2003 23:32


Have fun being sprayed....I'm leaving the country for good.

BTW, America is fucked.

I hope Bush wins the election and the U.S. goes completely to hell.


The world hates America.

Fuck you all.

Don't bother responding.....indymedia is a waste of time.

If you really want change....kill people...that is all you can do in America...that is the game here....death, death, death.

uh . . . 23.May.2003 02:48


Anyone ever consider that the chemtrail things are planes dumping fuel? I don't know much about jets, but I imagine that they are easier to land if they are lighter.

observation from outside Eugene 23.May.2003 08:28

interested but skeptical

I've been watching this for a few days pretty carefully, though I don't have a camera, unfortunately, to document. I find something very strange in the persistence of the trails, long after the planes have passed out of sight. At one point yesterday afternoon, I counted evidence of at least 13 trails in the sky at the same point in time. As they spread, the whole sky does get covered with a thin white haze.

A question for research: if these flights are just business as usual, not spraying anything, then what are they doing? Are there that many commercial and routine military flights? I just don't know, but some intrepid web surfer could probably find out.

On Tuesday afternoon, slash-burning or some sort of large fire in the coast range colored the sky red in the west. The setting sun made the sort of light that makes you shiver a little. I could smell the smoke. At the same time, though, trails in various states of dispersal, mostly on a north-south line, were filling the sky.

A question for research: what are the atmospheric conditions that make a contrail form and disperse? I faintly understand the process (hydrogen from the jet fuel is joined with oxygen from the air, forming water droplets, new water added to the ecosystem, by the way, a separate point of concern), but why sometimes and not others? What makes them last sometimes and disperse immediately other times? Does anyone know a site online describing this science?

Thanks for all of your observations and help with this. Something wierd seems to be going on.

why worry about upper atmosphere spraying 08.Feb.2004 19:48

robert brown robobob92@yahoo.com

whats the big deal, do you think you can do anything about those pesky so called (chemtails), or for that matter even find out the truth about what's going on in our sky's lately, even if we knew what was going on what good would it do. in a way i am glad i don't know whats going on, maybe it's none of my business anyway.

It's in the chemical matrix of things? 07.Mar.2004 15:19



I have read most of the posts here, and I am also a crop circle researcher. I can see that there is a DEFINITE connection to this chemtrail phenomenon. Think about it people. If we are discovering that aluminium oxides are present in water samples after chemtrails are appearing, and as well as barium, and silicates. Well, aluminium oxide has a hexagonal lattice structure. Page 28 of the Oxford Science dictionary: Aluminium oxide: a white colourless powder. 2 Main forms, alpha aluminium and gamma-aluminium.
The compound of alpha is stable, and in natural state is called emery or corundum. Corundum is associated with mirror grinding for optics systems in astronomy.
I firmly believe that whoever is responsible for this material in the atmosphere is telling us to pay attention to astrometric processes (i.e. space activity).
Barium: (cubic lattice) used as a flux material in ceramic magnets. Barium type magnets. Implication: Pay attention to the earth's magnetic field. Also these magnets can used to build free energy and antigravitational devices.
And now the biggy:

Silicates, are the many combinations of interacting atoms of various metals with silicon. All forming a hexagonal lattice structure as a basis. This is also the Star of David, as related to the tetrahedral form. This geometry, Star of David, has appeared worledwide, embedded within just about every crop circle formation. What do you think 'they' are telling us folks?
Well, this my answer: genetic evolution of the human species.

We have the power within ourselves to increase our DNA structure to the much desired, 12 strand or 12 base.
THey have been giving us clues as to what has to be done. BY looking into geometry of the various molcules, and the DNA spiral. The geometry of mankind, which must be known, and the end product must somewhat be known. We are talking about replacing the Phosphorous of phosphates of the human body with silicon for starters. Phosphates are tetrahedronal, as the fit with silicon can be easily done. arbon replacement? Perhaps or a coexistance.
What does this mean for mankind, minus the moral issue that people can't let go of? Heightened state of being, increased awareness, power over matter fundamentally perhaps. Increased intelligence would be the most definite case.

I don't think the joke of silicon alien lifeforms is a joke at all. It is a reality not for us currently, but for those who have been visiting us. By leaving the Star of David inside formations, they have left a signature of what they are, as well as what we can do for ourselves. Makes sense.



Silicon is the element most like carbon (it is directly beneath carbon on the periodic table), a fact picked up by more than one science fiction writer. But the silicon-silicon bond is extremely weak, and will fall apart in contact with water, for instance.

A more likely possibility is an silicon-oxygen backbone to the molecule. The oxygen-silicon bond is strong, it is what defines sand, and a range of compounds based on this system, silicones, are manufactured in this world. Whether they could encompass the complexity required for life is impossible to say, but I would not rule it out.

The problem with a silicon-oxygen world is; what is the driving force?
This (above) is limited knowledge perspective from the internet.

try this too: