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This is how they spell democracy?

We spent how much to do this? In lives, dreams, hopes, money, oil, resources....
We spent how much to do this? In lives, dreams, hopes, money, oil, resources....
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We didn't spend anything 21.May.2003 17:21


We didn't spend anything on this particular scene ... the photo is faked.


Must be a fake 21.May.2003 18:55


Shrub and his lap dog can't be that big. And where are their legs? I too vote for "fake".

Faked? Show me. 21.May.2003 19:46

Photoshop Girl

It's possible that the photo was faked. However, you cannot tell this from the image on snopes. If you look at the snopes version ( http://www.snopes.com/photos/carrier.asp), you will see that any evidence of manipulation has been buried by over-sharpening and image compression. Due to this, the "signs of digital manipulation" around the area where the words are displayed are visible throughout the image if you bother to look. Try using Photoshop at an image magnification of 800% or so.

That said, I like Gork's response. He/she/it must be as smart as W!

Common Sense 22.May.2003 07:41


You don't need photo shop to know this is fake. If the pentagon is as media concious as is claime ... to the point of 'staging' the Jessica Lynch rescue as a media event ... would this picture ever be staged, let alone released? Unlike writing on the side of a bomb, which could be done quickly by one or two people, this requires cooperation of an entire ship's complement. It simply wouldn't happen.

Common Sense? 22.May.2003 10:53

Photoshop Girl

Skate: You're funny. The same resource you use to "debunk" this picture ( http://www.snopes.com/photos/carrier.asp)
shows a very similar picture with a "Ready Now" message, supposedly a US Navy photo. Are you claiming that US Navy picture also is faked? If it's not faked, it contradicts your notion that "It simply wouldn't happen." If it could happen, why not the message "Fuck Iraq"? It's not an inconceivable attitude for the military to have. I personally know a Navy reservist who was saying it all the time.

Common Sense! 22.May.2003 14:20


No, I wasn't meaning to imply that it wouldn't be said. Indeed, it would fit in with common military phrasing. I was in the Army and I still recall how we talked. If you removed "shit" and "fuck" from the languag, we would have been unable to communicate with each other.

I was trying to say that spelling out "Fuck Iraq" would not be allowed for what is obviously a photo-op. The civilian target audience would be offended by the phrase and, for THAT reason, it wouldn't used. The phrase would be sanitized by someone.

On the other hand, "Ready Now" is not blatantly obscene and it politely demonstrates an appropriately aggressive attitude that one expects from a military unit, a football team and other groups that go around saying silly things like "Ready Now" and "YO".

Common Sense ... yes 22.May.2003 16:14


I hope this won't duplicate ... I tried earlier and ran into some kind of connectivity hiccough.

I didn't explain myself well. I wasn't trying to say that this picture couldn't have been staged, in fact it obviously was staged as a publicity photo-op. But, having gone to all the trouble of doing that, I don't believe "Fuck Iraq" is the message a Navy PR flack would have spelled out ... it would risk offending the civilians.

Yes, I know the military talks like that. I was in the Army and remember it well. We habitually replaced every descriptor in the English language with variations on two words. Had you removed "fuck" and "shit" from the language, we'd have been rendered mute.

For a photo-op, though, I believe they would use "Ready Now" or any number of other non-obscene phrases. They are just the sort of nonsense one expects and finds appropriately aggressive from military units, football teams and other nitwits who run around saying silly things like 'ready now' and 'YO'.