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pepperface request for realaudio help

need help turning something into realaudio
Hi. We've been working with theresa mitchell, getting her weekly work up on pepperface. We've been trying to set up realaudio of the broadcasts and are having a time with it. Anyone out there have the ability to record the shows to realaudio? please contact me at  kingfriday@pepperface.com if you can help. Thanks
helix 21.May.2003 16:53


try helix to do it yourself. the free version has what they call "limited capabilities", but might do the trick for you. i haven't worked with it specifically, but i've worked with older real media encoders and they are pretty intuitive. full versions can sometimes be cracked. i don't know anything about that nor do i advocate it. but i've heard rumors.

the link is attached. good luck.