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No more Clear Channels! Stop the FCC media deregulation!

WHAT: National day of protest to stop the media monopoly
WHEN: May 29, the Thursday before the FCC votes to dramatically
the media
WHERE: A Clear Channel radio station in your community
Please organize a May 29 rally at a Clear Channel radio station in your
and tell us about it, so that we can publicize your action as part of
national day of action. The protests don?t have to be big‹even a few
holding up signs in front of a Clear Channel station would be great!

If the FCC passes Michael Powell?s proposed new media rules, companies
Clear Channel and Fox will be given even more control over the public
airwaves than they already have. And we are likely to see in television
same type of feeding frenzy we saw in the radio industry after the 1996
media deregulation.

No more Clear Channels! Stop the FCC media deregulation!

For a
list of Clear Channel stations in your area, see

To tell us about your planned protest, please email
 andrea@globalexchange.org or  maddybassi@yahoo.co.uk. To find out about
actions already planned, see www.unitedforpeace.org/stopthefcc (coming
Code Pink will do an encore performance! 21.May.2003 22:53

Pink Panther info@codepinkportland.org

Code Pink will be at the Clear Channel offices on SW Macadam at 4:30 on May 29th.

Come one, come all! Join us for this national day of protest!

Who needs em? 21.May.2003 23:47


CORPORATE RADIO SUCKS! I listen to internet radio and my favorite so far is>  http://radioparadise.com/