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sky over pdx 5/21/03 noon
Here are three photos of the sky over my house as of noon.
The same funky circle around the sun as is usual after these same contrails.
And a yellowish tint to light... similar to when a forest fire is nearby... but not the same tone of color... saw the same thing last summer. no more blue sky for us boys and girls.
Chemtrails down in Eugene 21.May.2003 12:29


Check out the posting from a few days ago with 28 responses if you haven't aready....

There was a ring around the sun this morning in Eugene. The sky is just starting to get back to being blue again after heavy chemtrailing yesterday. I am expecting that the chemtrailers will return to make the sky white again.

SW Portland 21.May.2003 13:23


I actually noticed them in SW Portland today as well. At first it was very contained in a trail running North to South straight over PSU; now it's just hazy outside. I am usually a total sceptic about this sort of thing but it was definitely something. Even if it is just massive amounts of pollution, I still don't think it's the healthiest thing to be dumping into our already polluted air.


Pollution 21.May.2003 19:25

I <3 Indymedia

Until I hear more than circumstantial evidence and anonymous eye-witness accounts concerning this matter, that's all it is to me:

I really don't think this belongs on Indymedia. But then again - to all those naysayers out there - that's your freedom, and that's the great thing about indymedia.

Smokescreen 21.May.2003 21:22


Does it really put you out that much that there are discussions about chemtrails on indymedia? Why are you so concerned about people using this website to discuss chemtrails? Perhaps we are trying to filter through the "circumstantial evidence" (actually the evidence is pretty direct, not circular at all) by discussing it on this website so we can figure out what chemtrails really are and perhaps bring them from fantastic hogwash to hard scientific fact. If you think chemtrails are all bunk then just ignore any posting about them. Simple as that.

If you would do actual research, and not just wait for someone else to do it for you (by furnishing "proof"), then maybe you would find out enough to add to the discussion beyond "humbug".

I'm sure all the people concerned about "chemtrails" are concerned about other "real" problems also and discuss them too.

And yes, no matter what these aircraft trails are in the sky, they are pollution of some kind - which, I agree, is a concern. One thing is for sure, they are not condensation trails; I very much doubt they can last for over an hour like what we've been seeing in the sky.

Contrails 21.May.2003 22:35


They look like contrails to me. I saw some above Portland today. And yes, I did wonder about them and what causes them besides cool Air Force jets leaving a trail.

Uh huh. 22.May.2003 08:35


GO back to D.C. troll.