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benefit for NCAP

Come to organic brunch and help the fight against pesticides.
Come to an Organic Brunch Benefiting the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides!

Planet Goloka is generously hosting a benefit brunch to support the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides. Come enjoy tasty organic food and at the same time support NCAP's work to protect people and the environment by advancing alternatives to pesticides.

When: Sunday June 1st, 10am - 4 pm
Where: Planet Goloka, 679 Lincoln, Eugene

Please call (465-4555) or drop by Planet Goloka to reserve a spot for
Sunday June 1st. Space is limited so reservations are helpful, but not required.

All menu items are organic.
All proceeds go directly to NCAP.

Brunch Choices:

Organic Beans and Rice topped with Emerald Valley Kitchen's Green or Red Salsa and Sour Cream accompanied by Steamed Corn Tortillas and Fresh Greens

Golden Temple's Almond Maple Granola topped with Nancy's Organic Yogurt, Blueberries, Hazelnuts, Coconut, and Milk

Grilled Tofu or Tempeh Sandwich with Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Mayo on Great Harvest Bread accompanied by a fresh Organic Salad and Annie's Goddess Dressing

Large Organic Salad tossed with Fresh Greens, Vegetables and Annie's Goddess Dressing

Fresh Organic Juices: Apple, Carrot, and Orange Café Mam Coffee

Many thanks to the following local businesses for generously making donations to support this brunch benefit.

Mt. Peoples Warehouse
Organically Grown Co~op
Royal Blue Organics
Great Harvest Bread Company
Surata Soyfoods
Glory Bee Foods
Springfield Creamery
Emerald Valley Kitchens