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Yeah, even though the mainstream media is mostly monopolzed already, and it seems like there's no hope to ever change that fact... still, ... at least 2 dozen radio stations in Portland are owned by 2 companies, clear channel being one of them, another out of philly being another... local musicians don't have a chance when this happens to radio.. and this regulation allows more than one kind of media to be owned by one corporation... takes a few seconds to go to www.mediareform.net .... go ahead, might make a difference...

Michael Powell and the FCC are Making Media Monopoly Part of the Constitution.

In less than three weeks, the Federal Communications Commission will likely strike down the remaining rules that protect media diversity, creating the biggest wave of media consolidation in history. That wave will engulf the heart of our democracy. FCC Chairman Michael Powell is ramming this deregulatory agenda down the throats of consumers on behalf of a handful of media giants.
The big shareholders of media conglomerates will win while the rest of us lose -- more junk on TV and radio, more ads, more "news" that doesn't tell us anything important. And, most importantly, fewer perspectives.

Will the mainstream media cover this all-important story? We probably shouldn't count on them.
A few clicks send a letter (hard copy and email) to your members of Congress and the FCC.
The FCC has already received an unprecedented amount of public comment on this issue; over 97% of comments oppose media consolidation. Yet Powell doesn?t want to listen. We need to turn up the volume - we need to double the number of public comments by the cutoff date of MAY 30.

GOTO WWW.MEDIAREFORM.NET NOW to submit your comment and Stop the FCC.

America is fueled by diverse perspectives. That's what makes our country so resilient. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled. The Bill of Rights, freedom of the press - these were meant to insure a well-informed, skeptical public.
Other than Powell's supporters and a few corporate media executives, few people support the FCC's decision. Opposed are journalists, religious
groups, civic organizations, entertainers of all kinds, consumer activists, small businesses and independent media outlets. At nine public hearings nationwide over the past four months, FCC commissioners have faced near-unanimous disapproval. Out of 3000 comments filed by individuals with the FCC from 14 states, only three have favored more conglomeration.

Yet, in another attack on democracy, these voices are being overruled by the big media owners and their pack of lobbyists.
Powell should be working on behalf of the public good. But he's not. He's even refused to come to any of the seven public hearings held since
February, claiming he's just too busy. Nor will Powell meet with anyone from Congress who's opposed to radical deregulation. But he spends a lot of time at corporate media conventions, and often meets with corporate CEOs and
lobbyists. Powell claims that the FCC is only doing the bidding of the Congress.

That is false. Scores of representatives have written urging that he not deregulate without further public hearings and more study. Powell has
refused to share the research that he's used to justify this drastic plan, and is allowing no time for scholars or Congress to weigh in. It is a
textbook case of backroom deal-making at its most corrupt, with the biggest campaign donors awaiting their payback.

Go to www.mediareform.net. Act today. The future of our democracy is in your hands.
Free Press is a national organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates. Free Press's goal is to
generate a range of policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system with a strong nonprofit and
noncommercial sector.
For more information on ownership and other media issues go to

or contact:  info@mediareform.net Toll Free: 866-666-1533

homepage: homepage: http://www.mediareform.net

Huh? 20.May.2003 20:06

Dark Woodsman

What about KBOO? They are still on the air broadcasting last time I heard...

What's confusing, woodsman? 20.May.2003 20:22

Corporate Media = No Democracy

Every time the corporate media mega giants consolidate their power a little more, we get that much farther from a real democracy.

Reality is mediated through the stories we tell about it. Think about the things you "know," and how you know them. You "know" about Israel, and Palestine, and Iraq, and Europe. Chances are, you haven't been to all those places. You "know" about Sharon, and Bush, and other assholes whom you have never met. You know all about Florida and the election that bush "won." How do you know these things? The media told you about them. Some media outlets told you the truth, others lied to you. If there was only one corporation controlling all the media piped into American homes, there would be no one to tell you if they lied to you.

The fewer voices we have telling our stories, the less power we have to determine our own reality.

The people who control the media control the stories we tell and are told. That means they control our minds, and that means they control the world.

Do you really want GE to control your mind?

Corporate Media = No Democracy 20.May.2003 21:26


Well said.

May 29th National day of protest - join Code Pink at CC 21.May.2003 22:57

Pink Panther info@codepinkportland.org

Global Exchange has called for a national day of protest (see related article  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/05/265093.shtml )

Code Pink will lead the charge at Clear Channel on Thursday May 29th, 4:30 pm.

Media Ownership 31.May.2003 14:49

Tom Necomb

We do not need more corp. ownerships.Remember the big depression!!!