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Courageous Progressive Palestinians Lash Out at Militants

This is very exciting news. If this keeps up, there could be peace in the middle east. These are brave souls!
Angry Palestinians Lash Out at Militants

Associated Press Writer

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated Tuesday after a five-day Israeli invasion damaged farms and buildings, but in a rare twist, their wrath was directed at Palestinian militants for inviting the attack by firing rockets from their property.

Two hours after Israeli troops left, about 600 angry residents of the town of 35,000 took to the streets in a spontaneous protest, complaining that the militants had caused Israel to destroy 15 houses and uproot thousands of olive, citrus and date palm trees. It was a rare outburst; most Palestinian demonstrations are aimed at Israel.

The protesters blocked a main road with trash cans, rocks and burning tires in a show of outrage against the militants. Most of the rockets are launched at towns inside Israel by members of the militant Islamic movement, Hamas.

"They (the militants) claim they are heroes," said Mohammed Zaaneen, 30, a farmer, as he carried rocks into the street. "They brought us only destruction and made us homeless. They used our farms, our houses and our children ... to hide."

Israeli forces pulled back to the edge of the town, Beit Hanoun, a letup that came despite a wave of five Palestinian suicide bombings that killed 12 people in Israel in addition to the attackers. The pullback suggested Israel might not undertake a large-scale punitive military operation, as it has in the past, so as not to weaken the new Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas.

Interviewed in Gaza by Israel TV's Channel 10, Abbas repeated his denunciation of the recent suicide attacks claimed by Muslim militants. "They sabotage the process the same as Israeli occupation sabotages the process," he said. "The whole situation is tragic, the attacks in Israel and the destruction on our side."

President Bush telephoned Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Tuesday. It was Bush's first talk with Abbas and came on the same day Sharon was to have met with Bush in Washington.

Sharon, who called off the trip because of the bombings, told Bush he would meet soon with Abbas to discuss ways to improve security, adding, "it's clear that the Palestinians need to begin seriously fighting terrorism in order to move forward," according to a statement from Sharon's office.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Bush "stressed the need for all parties to take concrete steps" to stop violence and resume peace talks.

Abbas was appointed by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who gave in to intense international pressure to share power. But Arafat is seen by some critics as trying to cling to power and undermine Abbas, his longtime deputy.

On Tuesday, Arafat issued an order removing the regional governors from the authority of the Interior Ministry to his own office, a senior Palestinian official said on condition of anonymity. Abbas is the interior minister; the move is seen as another attempt by Arafat to limit Abbas' powers.

Abbas has said he will stop militants from carrying out attacks against Israel. However, Abbas and Sharon disagree over methods and timing. Sharon insists on a Palestinian crackdown on militant groups, disarming cells and imprisoning leaders, while Abbas favors dialogue.

"We asked them to work as political parties, Abbas said in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, broadcast Tuesday. "We don't seek clashing or a civil war."

Also, Israel demands that the crackdown begin before Israel makes any of the moves mandated by the U.S.-backed peace plan known as the "road map" - easing travel restrictions in the West Bank and Gaza, pulling troops back from Palestinian cities and towns and halting construction of Jewish settlements.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops moved back to the outskirts of Beit Hanoun in northeast Gaza but continued to hold territory inside the Gaza fence, where militants often set up and fire primitive Qassam rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot, about half a mile away. The small, unguided rockets have crashed into Sderot many times over the past year, causing some damage but no serious injuries.

During the Israeli takeover, eight Palestinians were killed in clashes - four gunmen and four teens, ages 13, 15 and 17. Three of the teens were throwing stones at Israeli tanks when they were shot by troops. Sixty-five residents were wounded, including 20 under the age of 15, doctors said

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Great! A sign that peace is on the way 20.May.2003 19:01


This is great news. When the majority of Palestinians renounce violence, peace will be one step away.

Oh, Riiight. 20.May.2003 19:13


Yeh. LIke it's the Palestinians who are "inviting" the violence. Fucking peace cops are everywhere it seems...unless this is more Israeli/CIA propaganda, which is likely.

So if your grandparents had their home and their farm and all their possessions stolen by an occupying army, and then that army came in and deprived your children of a decent education, stole your water, starved you and your family, shot your neighbors' children, drove bulldozers through your home and the homes of your neighbors, you think it would be cool to "lash out" at the only people doing anything about it? No, me neither.

But keep trying, psy-ops.

Courageous? Progressive? 20.May.2003 19:35


Sounds more like Uncle Tom Toadies to me.

...or just CIA lies.

But... 20.May.2003 20:11

Joe Public

It's the Associated Press...you gotta believe them.

Some Palestinians 20.May.2003 21:58


Some Palestinians are tired of not having a job, and not being able to provide for or protect their families, so this is not hard to believe.

I don't agree that it is only the Palestinian side that must renounce violence. That's a load of crap. But these poor people are the ones who are suffering the most, and many are just sick and tired.

Brave souls! 20.May.2003 23:47


These are brave souls. I applaud their courage to take positive steps in this crisis. They are the true heroes.

Pacification--Not Peace 21.May.2003 03:52

not Ariel Sharon

This article (and the person who posted it) are engaged in more propaganda designed to demoralize the Palestinian struggle,. The defintion of "peace" offered by Israel, America, and their hypocritical cheerleaders is a peace without justice. What these people want is not peace, but pacification of Palestinian resistance to Israel's ethnic cleansing policy.

Like many of the above posters who are celebrating this article, these fascists will manipulate, pervert, and hijack any noble ideal--like Peace--in order to push through their thinly disguised bloodthirsty and malevolent agendas.

This is outrageous 21.May.2003 07:50


This article, which apparently came from kgw.com, is exactly the kind of crap we will be getting when Micheal Powell -- yes, son of Colin, and now head of the FCC -- has his way and allows even more corporate control of the media. This slanted article clearly demonstrates why we need to stop media consolidation.

The people who are making the Palestinian people homeless, jobless, and in many cases lifeless are the Israelis, backed by billions of US dollars. This situation did not start with Palestinian violence, it started with Israeli and US aggression. The people fighting back in Palestine are doing so in response to intolerable conditions depriving them of their liberty, their homes, their resources, and their lives. They did NOT cause the violence against them.

This is a poor little attempt to buy back the moral high ground which Israel so spectacularly lost. The nation that demands we "never forget" has forgotten what it means to be oppressed, and is instead demonstrating for all it's worth what it means to be a brutal oppressor. All the PR campaigns in the world will not erase the fact of Israeli gunships, tanks, rockets and bulldozers from the collective consciousness of the rest of the world.

To TI 21.May.2003 08:21


In order to achieve peace, we must remove the seeds of hate from present conflicts. This includes the Palestinians. If you have a true desire for peace, you would see that Palestinian militants only prolong the agony of the Palestinian people and push off the date of peace.

If peace is our goal, we must encourage these people to protest.

Exploitation 21.May.2003 09:38


The Palestinians of Beit Hanoun are probably just sick of being exploited and used - by the Israeli army, and by Hamas. As one father of a suicide bomber pointed out, you don't see the children of the Hamas or PLO high commands blowing themselves up - all their kids are safely absent in Europe or elsewhere in the middle east. As usual, it's the common people who are the cannon fodder for war or terrorism. This is not to disparage Palestinian resistance - a resistance that is genuine, and flowed, despite the claims of right-wing Zionists, from the Palestinian people. It grew out of frustration with the worsening conditions under Oslo and the corruption of the PA. However, as usual, the leadership stepped in and coopted the resistance to support their own rapidly dwindling power. The mirror image of Sharon harnessing the violence to boost himself into the PMship; or Benji Nethanayu using the cover of the terrorists to cram neo-liberalism down the Israeli's throats.

Anyway, never trust a politician, always question any leader. And free Palestine.

uncle tom ass shit and misinformation 21.May.2003 11:16

JP Cupp

The authpor is either jewish or wishes he could be.

To "peacer" 21.May.2003 18:08

Anony M


Or, to be more diplomatic:

You state to TI, "If you have a true desire for peace, you would see that Palestinian militants only prolong the agony of the Palestinian people and push off the date of peace. "

First of all, you are in no position to judge whether or not TI has a "true desire for peace." Additionally, it's cheap and dishonest to imply that evidence of "a true desire for peace" is agreement with your position that the Palestinians should stop resisting Israeli and US genocide.

Finally, you state, "If peace is our goal, we must encourage these people to protest. " So you want "these people" to protest against Palestinians who fight back, but you don't seem to want to encourage Palestinians to protest against the Israelis. How do you imagine appeasement of Israel to be helpful in this situation?

The only thing you say that makes any sense is this: "In order to achieve peace, we must remove the seeds of hate from present conflicts." Yes, it would be nice to seek a solution to the problem, rather than an endless circle of vengeance. However, implying that the Palestinians have brought any of this violence upon themselves and therefore need to condemn each other rather than Israel is nonsense.

I must agree that this article is classic propaganda.


GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

In the Nazi concentration camps, the Nazis liked to infuse a certain spirit of obedience in their prisoners. Ideally (for the Nazis) the prisoners should never even question the motives or actions of the Nazis, and see the Nazis as a force of nature instead of simply a group of people. The Nazis tried to impress upon the concentration camp prisoners a new system of blame; one where if a Nazi does something bad to a prisoner, then the prisoner is to blame (instead of the Nazi who actually committed the crime). The Nazis were successful in engendering this kind of fear within the gypsies, jews, socialists, trade unionists and homosexuals in the camps. It was soon normal for prisoners to police their own ranks in fear of a Nazi reprisal. This made all resistance almost impossible.

Ironically, the white european Zionists of Likudnik Israel are using many of the same tactics that Nazi Germany used. And the Zionists are similarly successful. Reading the above original post (a fucking AP story, mind you) brings to mind the kind of language racist, fascist apologists use for their actions. As far as the AP story is concerned, it is not at all the Israelis to blame (even though they are obviously the ones committing Geneva Convention war crimes) but rather those uppitty Arabs who won't simply lie down and accept their annihilation (oh excuse me, Zionists use the word "transfer" instead of "ethnic cleansing" now). You see, AP contends that it is the violent Palestinians who are the obstacle to peace, so generously offered by a benevolent and peaceful Israel and USA (yeah, right).

To PEACER; why the fetish for peace? Peace is the friend and ally of oppressors everywhere. It is in peace's name that wars are fought and people become obedient and corrupt. The ruling elite, much like a robber, WILL resort to violence to get what it wants, but if their victims are "PEACEFUL" then all the better; they like that even more; to take your money without the hassles of being in a fight.

What about justice? Is that a concern of yours at all? Or is peace the far more important consideration? What kinds of peace are acceptable to you and what kinds of peace are unacceptable to you? Have you ever defended yourself with violence? Is it OK to defend the life of your family/friends with violence?

GRINGO! 22.May.2003 12:59

You're Back!

Thank goodness. I've been waiting patiently for some of your words of wisdom.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Gringo, except for one thing. I'm not sure about elevating justice above peace. In fact, I've suspected for some time that the root of evil in this world might actually be in "justice." Because by "justice," we usually seem to mean vengeance. So many never-ending battles are fought in the name of justice rather than in the name of actually finding a solution to the problems that afflict us, that I'm beginning to suspect this is very dangerous stuff.

I don't think "peace and justice" go together at all, and I don't necessarily think the best use of our resources is spent in pursuing justice.

So what's the solution? I'm not sure. Because personally, I'd like to see Ariel Sharon fried in hot oil and then some. I'd like every motherfucking Israeli bulldozer driver to pay for what he's done. But...see? That doesn't really feel right or moral either. So what do we do? Certainly we don't just lie there and let Israel continue to murder Palestinians, nor do we cheer the (probably fictitious) people in this article who are siding with the oppressor. By the same token, "justice" may not be the right path either. For example, if the Israelis suddenly had an epiphany and realized the horrific immorality of their ways, and they suddenly just gave back all they have taken from the Palestinians. What then? They can't give back the many, many lives they have taken. So "justice" would probably demand that the fight continues. "Justice" would ask that every Israeli who has ever benefitted from the Palestinian diaspora be put into chains. "Justice" would probably demand that the Israelis pay and pay and pay for what they did. But of course, after enough of that, "justice" would take the side of the Israelis, and extract more payment from the Palestinians.

So you see, I think justice is a force unto itself.

Maybe it's just semantics (no pun intended), but I think there must be some other way to imagine a solution than either sheep-like "peace" or neverending "justice."

You are right 22.May.2003 22:57

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

It might be semantics; so much of communication is partly word games. By "justice" I think of defending oneself and ones' own. I do not mean vengeance or revenge but rather dignity and the will/ability to stand up for oneself.

I agree that peace and justice are mutually exclusive. With each case, it must be asked; what is to be gained in war? what is to be possibly lost in a war? Are there situations where you would want to strike back BEFORE negotiating a peace treaty? Would that lead to a more stable peace?

Who am I to say which Palestinians are "cowards" or not? (Mostly I was mocking the original post's title.) I am not living under the Israeli regime, suffering the oppressions that Palestinians do. (rather, I live under Emperor George The Second)

All justice demands is that you are capable of defending your life and your home. That is merely my personal appraisal of a situation I only read about.

I am sick Sick of it all! 27.May.2003 10:16

Think about it.

TI wrote: "lash out" at the only people doing anything about it"
Anony M wrote: "Palestinians who fight back"
anti-fa wrote: "is not to disparage Palestinian resistance - a resistance that is genuine"
lnm wrote: "The people fighting back in Palestine "

You folks write about these terrorists as if what they are doing were noble. They target women and children. They target school buses and malls. Little Israeli children aren't causing the trouble. If they wanted to fight or resist, they should target the army. I am not agreeing with the Israeli side here. I don't like what is going on, but let's be honest. We don't like Israel killing our children. We consider that to be horrible. Why then should we think it is ok to target children? That isn't justice. Justice is killing the murderer, not babies and school children. Their fight is not genuine nor are they fighting back. They are making us and peace look bad. Further more, Israel doesn't react so harshly when Army bases are attacked. Talk all you want. My family has to live there while people kill babies in their names. Take it from me, they are sick of these militants with good reason. The militants kill innocent people and my family pays for it. All my family wants is peace. There is no chance of that happening while these terrorists give a good cause a bad name.

Your family *has to* live in Israel? 27.May.2003 19:57

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

TO "Think About It"...

Maybe if your family didn't move onto someone else's land, then the natives (that had their land stolen to provide your family with a place to live in Palestine) wouldn't be acting with justice in mind. Maybe you should "think about it." Maybe if the Israelis didn't attack and kill children, children wouldn't feel the need to attack the IDF soldiers. Think about it. Maybe if Israel acts peacefully, then their victims could also act peacefully. Quit acting like Israel is the poor, powerless victim - when Israel is actually the giant military power abusing a nation of dehumanised refugees.

Your family made a choice to live with, and identify with, the oppressors. They will reap the advantages and the disadvantages of being aligned with land-stealing white colonialists.

Sick of it all 28.May.2003 09:13

Don't just read, think!

My family doesn't live in Israel Gringo! They live in Ramallah! My family made no choices! Re-read what I wrote. I live in the US, but most of my family is stuck over there. There are many of us who feel this way. My family is too scared to speak out against the militants. Do you know what happens to Muslims who speak out against them in their towns? We want to live in peace. To move freely. Fighting the occupiers will make much more sense to the world (for our support) and the army will not be able to put the families under house arrest in that light. Yes, Israel is killing us and holds our land. We need to fight them. They won't be able to treat us in these ways if we only attacked military positions. They will be forced to move on to peace if militants stop targeting innocent people. Every time a bus or public place is targeted, my family suffers and the world lets it happen (mind you, the world doesn't care when they kill our children during these times). Don't you get it? They will no longer be allowed to keep my family from moving freely on their streets if the attacks were on the aggressors not children. When people like you call targeting and murdering babies and children to be fighting back, a resistance or a noble act, you make us look like evil people. It makes no sense. Fight the powers, target them. We will go much farther, faster and will have more support and pressure on Israel to end it.

re: don't just read, think 28.May.2003 10:49


Are the 'militants' (as you refer to them) on the side of the Palestinian people? If you are afraid to speak out against them, this means they must threaten and hurt/kill people who do. Also, the timing of attacks often seems to benefit Israeli government interests more than the Palestinian people. Some people suggest that the group like HAMAS are influenced or controled by certain Israeli interests. What opinion do you have on these matters?

Obviously the Palestinian people are in a terrible situation.

Israeli children DO start trouble too 28.May.2003 12:38

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

It's unfortunately true that, in fact, Israeli children DO start trouble. I have uploaded this picture of an Israeli little shit fucking with an obviously elderly woman. Gee, how fucking brave, since there are IDF and settlers all around to help him fuck with a little old (and Arab, hence "evil") woman. Settlers are the worst.

So WHY do Palestinian children start trouble? Maybe because they have been fucked out of a decent life by the still-continuing war of 1948? Maybe because they have NO LIFE. Israel has seen to it that refugee camps are places of death and desperation. Compare that to the relative luxury that Israeli children enjoy.

HAMAS was funded and protected by MOSSAD. This has been known for a while. It was a jaded CIA-like attempt to mold their enemy into a more radical, unreasonable, unlikeable subhuman. HAMAS was perfect for this. They squeezed out the other revolutionary groups that were more secular and left-leaning. Read about it;


As the article says, HAMAS' suicide bomb attacks were used as pretexts for further IDF attacks on refugee camps. HAMAS are being used by MOSSAD in order to better destroy the Palestinian people. HAMAS thrives off of desperation and martyrdom. HAMAS would be most appropriately treated by Palestinians as if they were Israelis themselves - HAMAS are agent provocateurs.

The fact is that Palestinians MUST fight in order to stay alive, otherwise the IOF and Settlers of Israel will continue pushing them into smaller and smaller spaces, bulldozing more and more homes, and the long-held Zionist dream of "transfer" (a coy little term referring to the cleansing of all Arabs from Palestine) will come true. Although the "poor little" Zionists whine about the Arabs wanting to "push them back into the ocean," it doesn't seem like such a horrible idea, given how the genocidal invaders are treating the natives. Also, since ethnically cleansing all of Palestine towards an all-Jewish, ethnically-exclusivist state has been the often-and-openly-stated purpose of Zionism, WHY NOT push the pushy, violent, land-thieving Zionists back into the sea? Who here thinks that the war of '48 has ended? You are a dupe.

To "Think About It"
Do not fall for that old trick of the oppressor; to get the suckers you are slowly destroying to think that they will actually be treated well if only they go along with everything they are told to do.

Some people refer to defending themselves as "making trouble." You're damn right - making trouble for the mass murderers who want to kill you too.

As long as Israel's govt controls the Israeli press (much like the US govt controls the US press), then any and all rebellious acts will be misrepresented and slandered and outright lied about. For those waiting for the right news report to finally rebel, YOU WILL NEVER SEE/HEAR SUCH A NEWS REPORT. It will never be aired/printed.

Here's a question; if a foreign group of white colonialists took YOUR land and then started killing your people and destroying your homes, and especially started killing CIVILIANS and CHILDREN, then would it be OK to finally resort to destroying your enemy's civilians, like he had done to you? Would that finally get the job done? Would the civilians of the colonialists call for your destruction? (even though you are already being targetted anyways) Would the civilians of the colonialists demand that their own military stop attacks on the natives so that their children won't be attacked? The problem is in the stubborn nature of violent conflict. When no one wants to back down, violence will continue. When one side backs down, they will be annihilated. Hence, no one is backing down.

Israel is surrounded by other nations which hate them for the refugee situation they have caused, as well as land thievery and war. Israel has vast military capabilities, but a limited population. They have nuclear weapons, but so does Pakistan. Israel is doomed by its own tribalist aspirations. Israel's master race is doomed to fail just like Hitler's German master race was doomed. Good; I'm sick of violent racist land-thieves.
Settlers in Hebron abuse an elderly Palestinian woman while the IDF protects her
Settlers in Hebron abuse an elderly Palestinian woman while the IDF protects her