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This article published in Nov. 2001 confirms the original story published by Le Figaro in Oct. 2001which asserts that the CIA met with Usama Bin Laden in a Dubai hospital in July 2001--two short months before 9-11. Though the original story was of course denied by the Pentagon and the hospital management, no such denials were ever issued by the attending physician in charge. This article seems to confirm the fact that the CIA did indeed meet with their asset. No doubt to consult with him about impending plans for Sept. 11.
Links between Osama bin Laden and the CIA

War on Terrorism
by Alexandrine Bouilhet
Le Figaro, 1 November 2001, English translation pi911 , May 2003.
www.globalresearch.ca 6 May 2003

The URL of this article is:  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/BOU305A.html


Since 1979, the American intelligence community maintained close relations with the multimillionaire of Saudi origin afflicted by a kidney problem. An interview with the director of the "Eastern Journals."

by Le Figaro, November 1, 2001

Translated into English by Bill Fairchild, original French version below


The director of the "Eastern Journals," Antoine Sfeir has worked for 30 years on the Middle East and the Near East. He edited the Atlas of Religions and published several works, notably The Money of the Arabs (1992) and The Networks of Allah: The Islamic Affiliates in France and in Europe (2001).

FIGARO: Two months before the attacks, bin Laden met a CIA agent in Dubai. Does this information astonish you?

Antoine SFEIR. Absolutely not. That is nothing extraordinary. Bin Laden maintained contacts with the CIA up to 1998. These contacts have not ceased since bin Laden settled in Afghanistan. Up to the last moment, CIA agents hoped that bin Laden would return into the bosom of the US, as was the case before 1989. This shows to what point there was room for improvement with human intelligence between 1998 and 2001. During these years, Al Qaeda became reconciled and then merged with the Egyptian Jihad, a very anti-American movement.

FIGARO: What role did the city of Dubai play for Al Qaeda?

SFEIR: Before September 11, Dubai was the place where everyone met everyone: a neutral turf, quiet, a back alley without risk, a little like Portugal during World War II. Dubai is also the Switzerland of the Middle East: as long as you make money without disturbing the peace, you are not bothered. Having said this, Dubai does not play the role of the money-laundering center that everyone thinks it is for bin Laden's networks. That is a fantasy. There is no organized banking system. Bin Laden's money comes from Saudi Arabia. He also has his own bank in Khartoum. The great families of the Emirates have only participated in this financing system in the name of "charity." The Dubai Islamic Bank, which is so much spoken of, has ties with the bank Daral-Mal Islami in Geneva, which is controlled by a Saudi.

FIGARO: The hospitals of the emirate of Dubai seem equally esteemed...

SFEIR: Yes. When one has the financial means, anyone can have himself treated there with total discretion. For medical care, the doctors of the American hospital have a very good reputation. Everyone knows that bin Laden had kidney problems after having received a piece of shrapnel. He needed dialysis, and he undoubtedly took a mobile dialysis machine with him into Afghanistan.

FIGARO: What is the nature of the ties that unite the Saudis and the emirates?

SFEIR: They are the ties of friendship and of rivalry. Also tribal ties. Saudi Arabia provoked a reaction of mistrust in the emirates by creating, in 1980, the Council of Cooperation of the Gulf, from which they took care to exclude Iraq and Yemen. The Saudis quickly used this organization to intervene in the domestic affairs of the oil sheikdoms. Since then, they have not been much appreciated in these countries. For their part, the Saudis are jealous of the financial management of oil resources in the Emirates. The latter are not indebted, and have great liquidity, quite the reverse of Saudi Arabia. Finally there is a religious rivalry. The Saudis wish to throw their weight around as the most Moslem of the Moslems. And many countries, including the Emirates, disagree with this position.

FIGARO: Does this recent meeting in Dubai, between bin Laden and the CIA, risk upsetting American public opinion?

SFEIR: No. I believe that Americans are used to this idea. This only serves to confirm the involvement of the U.S. in the "bin Laden failure." Anyway, the secret services are poorly regarded and isolated, especially since the failure of September 11. To know that the CIA met bin Laden two months before the attacks shows simply that the collaboration lasted much longer than was thought. For America's public opinion, this is not a revolution. At the political level, on the other hand, the U.S. never seems ready to recognize its mistakes. This will be reopening a very important question. They prefer to be angry with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, while especially criticizing their human rights violations. These are easy targets. With regard to military or political action in Afghanistan, nothing is known. They do only what they wish to show us.

FIGARO: What are the consequences for the Arab countries?

SFEIR: Not very important. They will remain persuaded that bin Laden and the Taliban régime are bastard children of the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. In Dubai, the authorities will redouble their vigilance and realize that there is a war on. But the Emirates risk no more reprisals from the U.S. than the freezing of their suspicious financial assets. Regarding Saudi Arabia, the rupture of the authorities with Al Qaeda and bin Laden is already total. This will not change. Since the attacks, everyone is uniting with the U.S. The least mistake will cost dearly.

FIGARO: The rivalries between the secret services are many. The struggle between the cliques within the CIA has not stopped. Who is interested today in what this information reveals?

SFEIR: The CIA certainly needs to get its own house in order. This type of information allows some accounts to be settled at home. This is an efficient method that does not produce so much in consequence. I do not believe there is a war between the western intelligence services. They are all in the same boat. Tomorrow France can be the target of attacks. Neither the DGSE* nor any other European intelligence agency will be amused at this little game at this time. This will be too dangerous. This last story about bin Laden and the CIA has been circulating for 15 days. It has been verified. The country from where it originated remains to be determined. It could prove to be an Arab government. With the following message to Americans: do not strike just anywhere, nor just any way, and do not forget your responsibility in Afghanistan, nor your responsibilities as the number one world power.

* General Directorate for External Security; see  http://www.dgse.org


© 2001 Le Figaro. Tous droits réservés. Copyright Le Figaro 2001. For fair use only/ pour usage équitable seulement .


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Here's the correct link.

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Heh 21.May.2003 02:56


Well...Let me first say I think Bush has some culpability in this. His policies and persona have led you to extreme beliefs, with little basis in fact.

But still. Come on. Israel is not responsile for the murders of 2,800 Americans on September 11th. (They are, on the other hand, responsible for the murders of 2,800 Palestinians over the course of the current intifada).

Bush did not plan September 11th. He may have been negligent. He may have exploited it. But he did not plan and/or execute it.

I dare not speculate as to whether the CIA did or did not have contact with bin Laden. Even if they did, it's hardly proof of U.S. government responsibility in the Sept. 11th attacks.

I often find myself holding extreme views in the face of extreme injustice (i.e., justifying Palestinian suicide bombings in my mind). But when I take the time to think things out, I have to temper my beliefs. Killing civilians is always wrong. (Well, I might argue that killing period is always wrong and is the solution of weak minds. But I don't really believe that).

The same goes for Sept. 11th. Bush is probably covering-up damaging facts about the extent of government awareness of the possibility of attacks; of government suggishness in responding to the early events. Bush's secrecy and personality can lead you to believe extremely unlikely scenarios. But I think if you took the time to actually think about it, you'd realize there isn't nearly enough proof for such a belief.