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May 9th declared Police officer day in Oregon -
Sometimes you try to give folks the benefit of the doubt - for just being utterly fucking clueless. I NO longer give that benefit to Vera Katz. She has just announced May 9th as an Official Oregon holiday (whatever that means) as Police Officer Day. For all the fallen police officers that have died in the line of duty. Which is fine - and it's reasonable. But could her timing be any worse? Her timing is not reasonable. With the fatal shooting of Kendra James - that is MORE than questionable - how could she pull this shit now?

I just got a call from my ex-mother-in-law - who is African American - she was crying - she couldn't believe what slap in the face it is to the black community at this time. Vera could have waited for this special holiday - but it's almost as if - she is purposely trying to be hurtful - trying to rub salt in open wounds.

The Police Chief and the bitch he rode in on - NEED TO GO.
oh puh-leeze 20.May.2003 17:59


Oh puh-leaze. Get a grip. This has probably been in the works for months.

grip? 20.May.2003 18:08


Well then I guess it's just me - that finds the timing of her announcement - rude and inappropriate.

Yesterday they announce the clearing of the officer in a fatal shooting - and today they announce a state wide Police holiday?

coincidence 20.May.2003 18:19


The timing is rather unfortunate, but it's got to be coincidental, just like the release of the report saying the police were perceived as rude on the very day of the shooting.

1) As was mentioned, this kind of thing doesn't happen overnight ... it's been in the pipeline for quite awhile.

2) If it's a statewide holiday it wouldn't be controlled by Portland or Vera Katz ... it would come out of Salem.

Either Way 20.May.2003 18:38

On Holiday

The headline, "VERA IS A COLD HEARTED BITCH" remains an accurate piece of information. And the closing comment, "The Police Chief and the bitch he rode in on - NEED TO GO" is also valid.

Can't wait 20.May.2003 18:44


Can you imagine the look on the faces of those two when the power changes hands? I can hardly wait!


losing it? 20.May.2003 18:45


Not sure what happened to the comments that followed my posting? Let me clarity though. I don't think Vera made up the holiday today to be spiteful. I understand that has been in the making for a long time - from Salem. My outrage comes from the fact that the timing of this holiday stinks. They could have easily held off on the announcement of it - until a later date. Thats all I'm saying.

The Mayor must go 20.May.2003 19:25

And I voted for her

Yes, I'm afraid I did. I voted for Katz. Hey, it was a long time ago, before we knew her.

But now, she must go. I don't know what's up with that "janet" comment, but Sherry is NOT the one who needs to get a grip. (Janet...would that be Mayor Katz's sister or something?)

The cops have been WAY beyond out of control. Beating and arresting and pepper spraying people for crimes as heinous as jaywalking and even for standing on a sidewalk. Shooting people, awarding each other medals for shooting people, torturing people. And now this??? And Vera doesn't have the sense to forego the little holiday?

I'm with you, Sherry. Let's boot vera out the fucking door. It's MORE than time. If I could suck back that vote, I would. And to think. I actually talked some friends into voting for her instead of tres shannon. ARGH!

Yes, Vera get out 20.May.2003 20:30


Vera Katz does not have the best interests of our city in mind. She must go. (But please, enough with the breast cancer stuff. That's really insensitive.)

Speaking of insensitive, how utterly rude to commemorate pig day at a time like this. She is, indeed, rubbing our faces in the new police state. She's turned a deaf ear on all of our complaints about police brutality, and now she throws a bone to the pigs. Does anyone else suspect that maybe "Linda" Katz was actually an informant?


not bob

I find it difficult to consider anything said about that cow insensitive. If she were to waste away in a hospital bed, portland would be better for it.

How About 'Cab-Driver Day'? 21.May.2003 01:31

Ed Harley

Since cab drivers are far more likely to be killed 'in the line of duty' than police, do we get a Cab-Driver Day? I think it's about time we honor them for their selfless service to humankind.

Oakland City Council did the same thing 21.May.2003 07:47

bov - sf

Last night Oakland declared May 20th Judy Bari day - immediately following the declaration, a line of police were brought forth to commend (they are VOLUNTEER POLICE - what's with THAT?? I can't yet figure what the deal is, but it was wrong to do, immediately after honoring Judi Bari), with with the f**king chief Word, who recently defended police abuse that hospitalized activists, saying it was necessary action that the police took at the docks protest.

It looks like the police have a lot more control over our city officials than anyone wants to acknowledge. Afterall - they got the guns.

Whoa there 21.May.2003 07:54

what happened to the breast comment?

Did somebody remove the original breast cancer comment? (i think it might have been not bob who said it...not sure.) It was a tasteless and insensitive comment -- insensitive to all women I think -- but where is it now? Is it in the compost bin?

How fucking surprising 21.May.2003 10:53

gagme witherspoon

What the fuck? We are speaking of VERA the BITCH. Why all the discussion? It goes without saying-she sucks the big one, and keeps Kroeker happy-she needs to go. She, Mark, Lars (the mouth that bores), they all need to go. NOW LET"S FUCKIN SEND THEM!

Bye Vera 21.May.2003 12:28

B.U.M. Hunter

Yes, Vera needs to go, thats a given. I mean the sooner shes gone the sooner we can clean up this town, starting with the streets. It sure would be nice to stop tying the hands of the police, allowing them to get the drunks, junkies, the out of control protestors (ignornant lot they are) and of course let us not forget the homeless. anyone take a poll lately and find out how many of these people are actually from Oregon? Probably not. ask around, youll find most move here to exploit this system. Yes, Vera needs to go, and preferably take the lot with her. Im not fond of Kroeker, but only because he has bowed out to her for the sake of keeping his job. Its too bad. Oh it will be wonderful when we can gain back some pride for this town.

breast 21.May.2003 12:34

not bob

Actually, I did post the comment, and frankly I don't mind it being taken off. I'm all for indymedia taking some control over some of the idiots who post drivel, and if some remark of mine is a casualty, I'll accept that.

But, I don't agree the statement was insensitive to all women, just that one "woman". How'bout this, I hope bush gets penile cancer. I sense this comment won't be offensive to all men.

when the Willie goes 21.May.2003 14:33

all that's left is Bush

That's pretty harsh, especially since Bush and his entire adminstration already had their balls removed, and only have enough balls left to bomb women and children and to skulk around being corporate playthings.

Maybe "South Park" needs a new Mayor and Mayor Katz would be perfect for the job? "Barbrady Day"? I like it, I like it...

SENSELESS COMMENT 21.May.2003 14:51


I'm sorry - but I have to add a huge ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL to the "southpark" comment - ha ha ha ha ha

gees 21.May.2003 22:29

not bob

aagggghh. That picture assaults the eyes, god she's ugly.

it is declared every year 22.May.2003 07:38


The mayor declares a day in May to be Police Officer Memorial Day every year. It coincides with a national law enforcement memorial day. This year the timing sucks, but it's not like she was giving medals to the officers who killed Ms. James . . . that doesn't come until next year.

call for Vera's resignation 22.May.2003 08:43


Hi folks,

I've been thinking about Vera's resignation. I figure that part of making it happen is believing that it will happen.

There are many people in Portland who are fed up with Vera's antics. All of these people may not agree on everything and us peace loving activists may find it hard to work with everybody who doesn't like Vera, but that's what being allies for a particular cause means.

So if anybody has some ideas for concrete action about sending Vera a loud message about resigning, please send them to me at  allyn43@attbi.com.

Recall 22.May.2003 10:39

Oliver North

There is a recall effort going on, but it is being led by a group that thnks she is failing to support business interests. I will have to agree with 'not bob', in that the picture for the feature is detrimental to occular interests.

vera is a pig 22.May.2003 10:52

not bob

Yes, images of the sow should not be allowed to be shown publicly. She is incredibly ugly in many ways.
What group is working on a recall? Do they have a website?

Maybe not a direct alliance, but instead there may be a way to ride on their stream, would turn up the cause if there were several different groups with different reasons calling for the dismounting of her unopposed destruction of the city.

Here is the Link, 'not bob' 22.May.2003 11:29

Oliver North

Go here-  http://www.recallvera.com/

I'm not very enthusiastic about these folks gaining power and recognition, though.

Recall Vera? 22.May.2003 12:12

Ignorant Fool

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm ignorant about the reasons why Vera should be kicked out of office. When she first came into office I was too young to even care about paying attention to politics. Now that I have an interest, I've been focused on much larger issues that have consumed all of my time...

Will someone please give me some more information or good links that explain a few reasons why some people believe Vera should be kicked out?

timing is perfect 22.May.2003 18:42

c'mon gdowkpc@hotmail.com

The timing of the announcement coincides with police memorial week. It's been the same week for longer than Kendra has been alive. All the mayor did was set aside one day out of that week as a holiday.

As much as you don't like cops, nobody goes to work to die. And when they die protecting you, no matter how much don't like them, they are stilll heroes...the good with the bad.

3840 SE Clark Ct

Bush? 18.Aug.2003 21:33

Someone from the other coast

I was actually doing a search on other meanings for the words hurtful, hateful and deceptive when this site came up. I actually live in Florida and have never been to Portland, but I'm not sure I want to now. However, the comments were so flavorable that I had to read them! I need to start one of these sites in Tampa.

Just know there is one Floridian laughing their ass off at the "all that's left is the Bush" remark. Are you sure he has a bush because I thought maybe he lost that too in an oil accident (that the family still refuses to talk about!)