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Petition : Stop Censoring IndyMedia from Google News

Please endorse the Petition to Stop Censoring IndyMedia from Google News
Dear Google:

Recently you removed IndyMedia from your list of indexed news sites. We believe that this is an unfair decision, specifically in light of your own policies (stated in the Google news FAQ -  http://www.google.com/help/about_news_search.html), which profess that pages are not included or excluded based on political ideology.

IndyMedia is arguably one of the most popular sources of alternative news on the Internet. Just as there are dozens and perhaps even hundreds of individuals asking for its removal, there are thousands more upset that this form of censorship has occurred. Indeed, the individuals requesting IndyMedia's removal had a specific agenda, one in which voices of opposition are unimportant, and should be silenced. It is our belief that all sides should have their opinions heard, and that sources such as IndyMedia provide
necessary balance.

We humbly ask you to reconsider your decision, and once again include Indymedia in your list of indexed sites. Variation in perspective, sources, and editorial approach are what makes Google news a useful resource.

Thank you for your consideration.


The Undersigned


homepage: homepage: http://www.petitiononline.com/IMCgoogl/petition.html

Whatever 20.May.2003 16:43


I'm sure there are thousands of people upset at this censorship. Babylonian, you need to put the crack pipe down. GRINGO STARS, Brian, and the other Jew haters on this board may be upset, but fuck them. They can go post on Michael Hoffman's web site.

why say that? 20.May.2003 16:52


why'd you think that gringo et al are "jew haters"? ...please explain.....A

TOO Late. 20.May.2003 17:00

Joe Smithson

It's too late. Since this unmoderated shoutfest of a site has degenerated into its current state, people are turning elsewhere in droves, to leave the loudest shouters here, alone, in their own "room". I myself used to visit daily, now once every few weeks or so--and I think I'll stop.

You want to save this site? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, and post well-thought-out comments. Ignorance expressed detracts from free speech, it doesn't help it.

To: Joe Smithson 20.May.2003 17:06

Joe Mamasan

How fortunate that your tri-weekly visit here came only a half hour after this story was posted. So long!

waddayamean? 21.May.2003 10:59

luke n sea

You're a BLOG 22.May.2003 04:56

A thinking person

The reason that Google has removed indymedia sites from their NEWS areas is due to the fact that these are BLOGS not NEWS.

luke n sea

if you are using that to justify that you are listed on Googlenews, look again. All you managed to do is to SEARCH GOOGLE for indymedia.