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Downloadable flyer about Kendra James march Saturday

Forwarded from Portland Copwatch: This e-mail includes more details of what was decided Monday night, along with contact numbers and a downloadable flyer. BE THERE SATURDAY!
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 15:10:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Portland Copwatch < copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org>

There will be a march and rally for Justice for Kendra James this
Saturday, May 24 beginning at noon at Alberta Park.

As many of you know, the Grand Jury came back Monday without a criminal
indictment of Officer Scott McCollister, who shot James on May 5.

A coalition of community organizations and individuals including
members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance are sponsoring the event. It
begins with the rally at noon, at Alberta Park (on NE Killingsworth and
20th), with the march starting at 1 PM, heading past Northeast
and ending on the Skidmore Overpass (N Michigan and Skidmore) at the
memorial site.

Please spread the word. Organizations are asked to bring banners to
their support for the struggle to end police violence. We hope that
of the groups and individuals who came out against the war on Iraq to
rallies which also called for an end to the war at home will climb on
board this important local justice issue.

A flyer for the event is available on our website at

For more information or to get involved, please contact Pastor R.
at (503) 287-7377 or Joe "Bean" Keller at (503) 493-3533x24.

FYI so far efforts for change are centered around trying to change the
grand jury process and the laws guiding police shootings at a state
(contact Sens. Margaret Carter and Avel Gordly for more info), and the
is also calling for more power for the Independent Police Review
more diversity training, and other changes to prevent more tragedies.

We will try to keep you posted on upcoming community forums and
events--some of them have been called with just a day's notice; things
should slow down just a little bit now.
shooting 20.May.2003 16:18

the other side

What if the officer had let her drive away, high on cocaine, and she had killed herself or another person while behind the wheel? Do you think the police would have let anyone keep driving in that kind of scenario? He only fired one shot, one bullet, and it just happened to be lethal. Don't you think there's a possibilty that he did the right thing?

Portland Cops Lack Credibility 20.May.2003 16:45

Kroeker Rewards Killers

"Don't you think there's a possibilty that he did the right thing?"

No I don't, and just how exactly did this officer determine that Ms. James was high on cocaine?

that line was funny 20.May.2003 17:02

but this was the best

"and it just happened to be lethal"

Man, that was good for a laugh... Woops, I fully intended to shoot you because, what was it, my foot in danger of being run over, no, wait, because my foot was stuck in the car, in any case she endangered my foot but I never meant to kill her. That was just an honest mistake and the bullet "just happened to be lethal". Hilarious... how the police can sleep at night is beyond me, oh wait, that's right they have a high rate of alcoholism...

what would you have done 20.May.2003 21:46

the other side #2

what would you have done? let her flee? many car chases end with an innocent dead. then everyone on indymedia would be up in arms, "why didn't the cops do something?"

and i hate the fucking cops. i've filed complaints and marched against them. but what would you have done? let her flee? what were the other options?

the guy made a lethal mistake. but he was panicing. i'm not blaming the victim when i say she brought this on herself. this tragedy could have been easily avoided by her cooperation. instead she threatened lives. and i'm not excusing the officer. he panicked. he should have better training than that. she should have been prevented from starting the car in the first place. then again, she shouldn't have been trying to start it in the first place.

to immediately react that the cops messed this one up is knee-jerk. at the very least admit that there is no right event here. everything about this is fucked up, from the cops to kendra. i don't have an opinion.

preview of poster 20.May.2003 22:33


here's a preview of the poster linked above:

Download it here.

high on cocaine 21.May.2003 08:56

how to guess

I think there were several clues that led the cops to believe that James might be high:
1) She had just left a known location where drug deals are made
2) She had been arrested twice in the last 45 days on drug-related offenses
3) She was behaving erratically and illogically
I think cops are probably trained to pick up on stuff like this for their own, and others, safety. People act totally wacko when they're on drugs like crack and meth and it's dangerous for everyone involved..

Well, That's Mighty Compelling "how to guess" 21.May.2003 10:04

Kroeker is a danger to the community

If you think those are adequate reasons to murder someone, YOU must be high. Report to your nearest deranged cop for summary execution!

high on coke 21.May.2003 11:09


I think the person that listed the reasons the cops suspected James was high was replying to an earlier comment made. Being high doesn't mean it's okay for a cop to shoot you, but it's not okay to be driving around like that. What if she had sped away with the cops in pursuit and ran her car into another car and killed bunch of people including herself? We'd still be outraged and saying the cops should've done something to stop her when they had her car stopped.

Report for Execution! 21.May.2003 12:01

Kroeker is a Menace

And since you are obviously hopped up on goofballs, do not drive. You are late however so hurry. And do not stop anywhere to use the restroom, because what if poisonous eels flew out of your ass and tried to take over the universe? We would all be outraged if that were to happen, and you have failed to prove that it will not. REPORT IMMEDIATELY!!!

portland police policy 21.May.2003 12:14


portland police policy, as it applies to this situation is:
cops are NOT supposed to place priority on stopping a wanted person who is fleeing IF they know who that person is/how to find them later. when the first officer approached the car, he reportedly said to her "i know you kendra"- he obviously knew who she was. all these arguments about "what if the cops had chased her......" have no weight- the cops were NOT supposed to chase her. if it was really that important, she could have been found later. (hell if it was really that important she could have been found before she was even in the car in the first place)...

also, am i the only one (besides the oregonian reporter) who finds it more than sketchy that the officers involved got to hang out before any of them had talked to a detective?

question for m 21.May.2003 14:16


I don't know anything about police policy and this is a sincere question. Are street cops supposed to get permission from a detective before they arrest someone on a warrant?

I think one big problem is that cops are now using hollow point bullets that are basically designed to do the most amount of damage with the least shots fired. Why?