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Portland Peace Encampment Peaceluck

Two months and still going....
Today is the two-month aniversary of the PDX Peace Encampment.
Please join us in a potluck at 8 p.m. this evening.
Todd, member of the encampment is coolking a peacefully good black bean soup.
Please bring other items to snack upon and your own eating gear.
Call Bandalera at 503-810-6544 for more info.
Peace to Everyone and Thank you for your support over the past two months, we couldn't have done it without the support of the community.

phone: phone: 503-810-6544
address: address: 1220 SW 4th Ave.

Great day 29.May.2003 00:21


I had a great time. Lots of fun. Great people to talk to. They are very caring, concerned, and dedicated people.
It would help them if more people could volunteer their time. Ask them how you can help. They would enjoy talking to you anyway.
The Art/Peace Camp
The Art/Peace Camp
Definitely not blocking the sidewalk
Definitely not blocking the sidewalk
Crane Land
Crane Land