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Chemtrails & a ring around the sun over Portland -- Are people seeing them elsewhere?

I got up this morning to a brisk chilly wind from the North and found a bit of sun to wake up in. Happily, I saw that the ubitquitous cloud cover of recent days had passed and that today we have a beautiful blue sky with only a bit of haze around the horizon. I like the sun, and at this time of year find myself wishing that Oregon wasn't *quite* so rainy. Then I scanned eastward and saw all the chemtrails.
The first three photos are of the eastern skies as seen from S.E. Portland at around 9:30. The first shows a grip of chemtrails at various stages. The second one is a closeup shot taken in the same direction, which shows just how thick they are. (Note the telephone pole at the bottom for visual reference.) The third photo is a view slightly north of the first shot. Are chemtrails also appearing in Eugene, or Washington, or anywhere else today?

By 10:45 the chemtrails had hazed out and blown eastward, out of sight, but then a ring around the sun appeared. In the second set of three photos here, you see the sun with its ring, a closeup of the rainbow-like ring, and a photo with the color contrasted and boosted to show the shape more clearly. (The last was done simply by even-ing out the the RGB levels in Gimp, a Photoshop-type piece of software.)

Chemtrails...lol 19.May.2003 11:47


Yeah. Chemtrails. Looking out my window to the east this morning, I saw some vapor-trails. I also saw the planes making them. In the typical North-South route flown by airplanes landing at PDX.

I promise you the government is not spraying you.

Ever wonder why you never get reports of chemtrails from warm, tropical climates like Honolulu? Because airplanes don't leave vapor-trails there.

chemtrails in hawaii 19.May.2003 12:09


actually, there ARE reports of chemtrails by people in Hawaii. a quick google search for "hawaii chemtrail sightings" will take you to many links. chemtrails have been spotted in every state in the u.s., though they tend to be less common in Hawaii than in the NW, that's true.

try again, troll.

not to mention 19.May.2003 12:23


There are reports in many countries, including australia and other warm climates. There was a good post sometime back about how to check whether the atmospheric conditions were codusive to vapor trails. Funny thing is, whever there were chemtrails, the conditions to forming vapor trails were never present. Anyway, don't worry james, the chemtrail things strikes everyone as ridiculous the first time they hear about it. Yet, any actual investigation will reveal that it is a legitimate phemenon which currently lacks a "scientific" explanation; that is it does not seem to happen only during certain atmospheric consitions. Here's some more pictures to ponder.
looks normal to me
looks normal to me
nothing to see here
nothing to see here
see this every day
see this every day

cobwebs? 19.May.2003 12:56


From the tone of your posting, I take it the subject of "see this every day" is not just cobwebs? 'Cause, that's what it looks like.

1:45 p.m. update 19.May.2003 14:03

Agent Orange's photographer friend

More and more clouds have been filling the sky as the day goes on. Many of them are these hazy fat long ones; the chemtrails, rather than disappearing as contrails do, spread out and start changing the state of the sky. If you watch this happen, you'll see it. I don't know what the hell it is, but it sure doesn't look natural to me. It pisses me off, too, when we finally get a nice clear day, to have it messed up like this.

In answer to "James", who describes these trails as being "the typical North-South route flown by airplanes landing at PDX" -- tell that to the folks in Eastern Oregon who often see criss-cross patterns.

These photos were taken today at about 1:45 p.m.

Pleasantly warm with sunshine and patchy clouds 19.May.2003 14:38


Seems like a pretty accurate forecast, to me. Is Accuweather in on it too?

Not criss-cross patterns! Could it be because they're not in landing patterns?

Seriously. I've been watching out my window all day. A plane flies by. It leaves a contrail. 3 minutes later it's a thick, dissipating contrail. 5 minutes later it's gone.

The government is responsible for quite a bit; but I'm not sure you can blame them for the patchy clouds in the sky (lest you want to give them credit for the pleasantly warm temperature and sunshine).

When you start talking about chemtrails and New World Order spraying conspiracies around the globe, the rest of us hold onto our wallets.


more pics 19.May.2003 14:59


BTW, I'm not in any way suggesting that the "government" is "spraying" "people". I just want to make it clear that there is a verifiable phenomenon. Here is a real time contrail formation predicter showing locations in the country where contrails are likely to form:  http://enso.larc.nasa.gov/sass/contrail_forecast/contrail_prediction.html#REALTIME

As for the cobwebs, no it's definitely not cobwebs, remember you can click the picture to get the full version. Many people have reported seeing this after spraying. I myself haven't, although I did find much of a town I lived in covered with orange dust after witnessing chemtrails.
may not be a conspiracy but it sure is something
may not be a conspiracy but it sure is something
does this look suspicious?
does this look suspicious?
is this worthy of inquiring and discussion?
is this worthy of inquiring and discussion?

even more pics 19.May.2003 15:11


No one is saying that all contrails or chemrails, but there is a difference and the existence of contrails certainly doesn't disprove the existence of chemtrails. Also, I'd hardly say this something to be worried about, there are much more serious issues, but neither should we be dismissive of a phenomenon just because we believe "the goernment wouldn't do that". We need to remember that this is the same government that has a verifiable history of spraying of civilians for military experiments. But then, some would laugh at the thought the the air force would want to "own the weather" and use it for military purposes and are currently running experiments to be able to do so. But then, they haven't read this:  http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/
love how vapor vapor trails start and stop suddenly
love how vapor vapor trails start and stop suddenly
i'm sure the water just didn't feel like condensing and then changed its mind
i'm sure the water just didn't feel like condensing and then changed its mind
yeah, that looks natural right?
yeah, that looks natural right?

Open your eyes shitheads. 19.May.2003 15:56

Look up!

I have been monitoring the chemtrails for a number of months now. A half-dozen or so jets fly over Eugene every so often, especially when the weather is warming up, and spray the fuck out of the city. Within moments their trails turn into wispy clouds which, more often than not, turn into rainclouds. It just happened today. I was at Fred Meyer in Eugene in the gardening area. I saw four jets spraying something that did not disappear but formed into a haze, I can see it out my window still. I walked home while the spraying continued. One jet in particular had a "chemtrail" that abruptly stopped and started again. Strange? These sprayings happen about once a week. Look up sometime.

Stop being an idiot. 19.May.2003 16:15

Look up!

Just do a Google search of "Chemtrails" and see all the data...

Here is an interesting one....


What the fuck proof does anyone have that we are NOT being sprayed or the weather is being manipulated or whatever?!

I am getting really sick and tired of people's knee-jerk reactions.

Use your brain and not your stupid fat-gut insticts. I swear, the average American is a retard.

Above the Chemtrails. 19.May.2003 16:37

Look up!

Chemtrails over Great Lakes area.

Source site:


good chemtrails photos 19.May.2003 17:34


Agent Orange photographer--great photos of the ring around the sun today, thanks for posting. I saw this today and was mad I didn't have my camera with me. The realization about chemtrails sometimes takes time. I didn't "see" them myself for a while after I first heard about them. The evidence is convincing to me that there is an aerosal operation in place, not only in the US but in at least 14 other NATO countries. HAARP is no doubt connected, and the trails may be utilized for many purposes, none of them good. Even if one of the purposes is weather control or to deflect global warming, the side effects are illness and mental impairment. Rain water samples have shown the presence of barium and aluminum--heavy metal poisoning creates a lot of troubles for human systems. If you try to get this story into the media, you are marginalized or ignored. It is frustrating to see how this operation is happening right in front of our eyes. The organizations responsible (and they have to include the FAA and the Air Force, not to mention the NSA, etc etc.) are so far successful in hiding a covert operation in plain sight.

Yes, keep looking up. Chemtrails are in ads, tv commercials, tv shows etc. But don't be fooled--they are not a natural part of the sky.

Sprayin Again 19.May.2003 19:54

Look up! kyl3m0rr0w@yahoo.com

Three more jets sprayed Eugene this early evening. Since the spraying around noon I have felt like the air has been stuffy and hard to breathe. I went to the store to get some masks and when I came out there was a big ol' fat Chemtrail right above me (going south). Off in the distance was another culprit doing some spraying going north. Within minutes of putting on my mask my headache, whichI didn't realize I had, went away and the air was less stuffy. On the way home I noticed that the jet going north must have ran out of spray; I saw its chemtrail but it ended abruptly.

I have noticed that these Chemtrails start at one end of the city and then stop at the opposite end.

Both times I witnessed spraying today I did see a regular contrail which only went as long as an upheld yardstick; the Chemtrails on the other hand go nearly from horizon to horizon.

I will be getting some film for my camera so I can have some visible evidence.

I also saw a "dirty cloud" today. Off to the east of Eugene was this long, thin cloud that was rust colored. It did not look healthy.

I'm interested 19.May.2003 21:45


I'm skeptical but interested in this phenomenon. I saw the trails over Eugene this evening, 3 jets flying in fairly close formation, leaving trails from horizon to horizon. I'm very struck by the picture of the trail with a clear gap above. That one's hard to explain. Could another plane have flown through the trail, causing that? Doubtful, especially given the neatness of the cut. Could it be photoshopped? Sure, anything can. But why don't the trails dissipate? I've seen what lookup saw, the trails gradually spreading and turning into hazy clouds that cover the sky and completely change the weather.

I have a pet theory, though without any basis or proof. If the gov knew global warming was happening and was a serious threat to cause major weather disruptions, record tornados (like last week) and so forth, you'd think they'd try to do something about it, wouldn't you? And given the tendency toward secrecy in government, the fear of panicing the public and so on, it wouldn't be surprising if they tried to do something about it secretly, would it? Now, I don't really know whether raising the reflectivity of the upper atmosphere with white clouds has a net effect of reducing heat by reflection, or raising it by trapping it (adding to the greenhouse effect in other words.) But to me it seems like white clouds, high up, might actually reduce global warming by cutting back on sunlight. So the theory is that chemtrails are a secrect government plan to reduce global warming, most likely risking some other terrific catastrophe and thus the secrecy. Anyone with the right combo of science background want to comment on this theory? I prefer it to the poisoning/mind control/bio-warfare theories I've run into about this phenomenon.

Or anyone with the science to explain the pictures above?

*sigh* 19.May.2003 22:12



there's a nice explanation for rings around the sun: they're caused by ice crystals reflecting sunlight. kind of like the way rainbows are made.


come on.

"kyle morrow", do you realize how long it takes for water or "chemtrail" vapors to fall from FL 35 to 40 up in the sky? certainly a lot longer than "I SAW THE JETS AND THEN I GOT A HEADACHE OMG"

this one too gets me:

"I also saw a "dirty cloud" today. Off to the east of Eugene was this long, thin cloud that was rust colored. It did not look healthy."

i don't know...was the sun setting? the atmosphere reflects light and produces colors at different angles of refraction. hence the red/purplish looking sky. bonus points if any of you people can explain a 'green flash' and how it relates to this...

It's an Air Show and We're All Invited to See the Skywriting 19.May.2003 23:16

Agent Orange

Today from 1:30pm to 2:30pm I watched 19 trail forming jets fly overhead in one hour. In criss-cross patterns. There were also at least three other non-trail forming planes that flew over head. That is a an abnormal level of airtraffic over any given space to be explained by "increased civilian airtraffic" which is the military's favorite dismissal. I watched faux "cirrus" clouds form from the aglamation of dispersing trails as more trails added to the artificial fog.

As is always necessary when this phenomenon is reported every few weeks (ever notice that you generally don't see the chemtrail subject discussed here when there aren't big, fat chemtrails over head?) I have included a brief list of links for your review.


A prediction: The trails will continue early next morning and on through the day. The white haze that today ended up in will thicken to cover the majority of the sky for the majority of the day. The spraying will continue for perhaps 72 hour total, give or take, and we will likely not see another concentrated spraying effort for several more weeks.

Tomorrow there will be more grid patterns and I for one intend to pay attention.
More later on.

To Interested 20.May.2003 00:19


The interrupted chemtrail can be made in less than a second with Photoshop.

Also interested 20.May.2003 00:20


What do you think they are spraying us with?

Check Clifford Carnicom's Site for Rainwater Analysis 20.May.2003 00:47

Agent Orange

Aluminum Oxide, Magnesium, Barium, Quartz and biological material have all been found in rainwater after spraying. The above elements have also been confirmed by spectroscopy (a device that detects elements in the atmosphere via light signature) at levels way above what was expected. Do a google search for spectroscopy and chemtrails. The Yahoo chemtrails group can be a good source of information if you can wade through all the emails.

to anonymous, "can" does not translate to "is".

The more one reads about chemtrails the less any one piece of evidence seems to matter. There is all kinds of multiple corraboration for this program that I and others have attempted to document on this site (just search the site..) AD NAUSEUM. It is not without precident, there are surely no moral grounds that prevent those with the means to carry out such a program from doing so and there is a professed, perceived military gain to weather manipulation technology. Ever play "Connect the Dots" as a kid..?

picture validity 20.May.2003 12:09


As for the validity of the pictures posted, I can cannot vouch for them as I did not take them. They could be touched up. However, I also have dozens of pictures from various parts of the country showing exactly the same thing. But if I posted them they could be accused of being tampered with too so I probably won't take the time.

To interested, yes it's a leading theory that since the contents of rainwater as well as contents of the trails themselves (from experiments of planes flying through them to collect samples) contain highly reflective materials such asthose listed by Agent Orange, that this could indeed by used to mediate the effects of global warming by reflecting more light away from the planet.

Concerned Citizens of Eugene 20.May.2003 12:23

Stratosfear kyl3m0rr0w@yahoo.com

Anyone interested in forming a group in Eugene, Oregon to observe, investigate, and document "Chemtrail" activity please email me.

pdx skeptical believer 20.May.2003 12:27

weather watcher

yesterday and today.... same thing as we had a good portion of last summer... blue sky morning...some serious airplane trail action...dissipating into high thin clouds with the color ring around the sun. The sky ends up with almost a yellow tint to it when the sun is at about noon position... like when there is a forest fire somewhere nearby... but just a bit more yellow...
I don't know but, I am a pretty keen observer... I think the gov is up to no good...
what to do?

Chemtrails 20.May.2003 12:33


I really can't believe what I am reading here. I have lived around airports for close to 40 years and there is nothing unusual about the presence of contrails. The reason for their occurrance is well documented and understood by the scientific community. I imagine the number of sightings has increased over the years but so has the number of aircraft that would be flying under conditions that create contrails. None of the pictures or comments I have seen on this site demonstrate, in any way, anything that diverges from the fact that these are, simply, contrails. Surely there are more important issues around for individuals to discuss in such detail.

Enough Already! 20.May.2003 12:56


I have seen the evidence. Debunkers can GO HOME.

For the past year I have noticed the chemtrails and how they affect the weather and now I read accounts from other people that match my observations perfectly. Yes, I thought I was just imagining things but every website I investigate, all over the world, has similar photos, videos, and eyewitness accounts. If anyone attempts to nay-say the existence of chemtrails, as opposed to contrails, will be assumed to be either seriously ignorant or a plant.

I see chemtrail activity with my own eyes at least once a week. The weather IS affected by these chemtrails. They are NOT regular contrails.

It's been established, catch up on your reading 20.May.2003 13:01

Agent Orange

IF you can't comprehend the difference between contrails and chemtrails advanced in this article, check the evidence provided for your benifit and respond to the distinctions made clear by voluminous pages I have listed. I think these planes may be leaving from military strips so just living near PDX may not give you the insight you think you have.

As I have said, we've established that this program is happening many times on this IMC and others. Do a search.

Interesting... 20.May.2003 13:20


I noticed that the very first posting was @ 11am on May 19th of a sighting of chemtrails in Portland. Down here in Eugene I noticed two chemtrailers coming from the north (over West Eugene) @ 2pm the afternoon of the same day. Could they be the same chemtrailers? Later that same day @ 7pm chemtrailers came up from the south and chemtrailed East Eugene. Is this their pattern?? Portland south through Eugene and then back north again?

There was some chemtrail activity today (May 20th) way off east of Eugene. Seems the pattern could be North to South and West to East. I believe winds from the west are more common so this pattern would be logical if one wanted to take advantage of air currents. I just remembered that last night there was a chemtrail right over my house; I live west of Eugene. Over time the chemtrail drifted to the east.

Wide Area are Surely Covered 20.May.2003 16:44

Agent Orange

I would venture that the regions we are talking about cover many municipalities and even counties. I can only imagine how it is all coordinated.

This white haze brought to you by the U.S. Gov 21.May.2003 08:49


Two days ago the spraying started after a weeks lapse. May 19th and 20th the chemtrailers attempted to form clouds but their whispy cloud formations just disipated or blew away. Yesterday though they went nuts and sprayed like hell until the current white sky was achieved.

I have a view of the southern Willamette Valley and it looks pretty bad. Due to the constant spraying yesterday (May 20th) we have a white sky here in Eugene this morning; the Coast Range and the Coburgs are obliterated by white haze. The chemtrailers were relentless yesterday sewing up every patch of blue sky into the evening. It looked as if the chemtrailers were trying to make some kind of shield from the sun; the temperature seemed to drop 10 degrees within one hour in the mid afternoon.

The "shield" should disipate during the day today...expect to see chemtrailers over Eugene doing patch-up jobs.

How does it look in Portland??

Paranioa? 22.May.2003 03:16


Isn't this just condensation? Where is the evidence that it is anything else?

vandalism in the sky? 22.May.2003 18:36

gimme a break gdowkpc@hotmail.com

Are these skyvandals? Maybe they are in cohoots with the wicked witch of the east or the guys putting flyers up on utility poles.

Maybe they are just exercising their right to free speech!

3840 SE Clark Ct

Ignorance is bliss 26.May.2003 00:46


Most people never notice the world around them. I have always been
a 'sky watcher'. I loved watching the pretty blue skies here in Texas.
The sky is no longer blue but a milky lite blue. Used to be deep blue.
3 years ago the chemtrails started. Since I have always watched the
sky I knew this was not normal. Anyone who has ever saw a chemtrail
and then went on to say 'Oh, it's always been like that' is deluded. Please
put your blinders back on and be a good little citizen.

Trails in Germany 15.Jun.2003 03:02

Wishing for Blue Sky

Just wanted to add Germany to the list of places where the trails are active. Especially on days when there is blue sky which isn't often. No less than several days a week. It cycles....clear sky with partial normal puffy clouds, trailing throughout the day (especially mornings and late afternoons from 3pm on till evening).

Sun Rings 22.Feb.2004 15:02

Beth davidandbeth@hotmail.com

Ok, about the sun rings, I have seen the halo type thing many times, but today I was amazed. It is basically a clear sunny day with a few feathery clouds. No rain and no predicted rain for tonight. A huge brilliant rainbow, I mean RAINBOW, a complete circle around the sun, a half circle rainbow pointing in opposite direction, and a line in between. Sort of like this: 0!C It was as bright and colorful as any rainbow I have ever seen. It also stayed for at least a few hours. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?? Is it really just a sun ring?

chemtrails over syracuse, ny 26.Apr.2004 17:43


I have been reading about chemtrails on several websites during the past few weeks. I recognized them immediately and I always thought that they were just pretty, wispy clouds. Yeah right!!! I began to be more observant and looking up at the sky more often. Sure enough I noticed them over downtown Syracuse on Friday, April 16th in the afternoon. They were sparse but they were definitely there. They were not contrails, as these fanned out and lasted until sunset. I also noticed that evening I had a very strong metallic taste in my mouth and two days of strong heartburn. Hmmm- could this be just coincidence? I don't think so, because I also viewed heavy chemtrails over east syracuse when I was out shopping on April 24th. There were many parallel lines fanning out in the sky. I also had a strong metallic taste in my mouth, tingling in my throat, and a headache. I also noticed that the next day, Sunday, was a total rained-out day. I always noticed that both days I saw the chemtrails were on clear, blue-sky days. I have also noticed chemtrails in some commercials and advertisements lately, now that I am more aware of them. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reading several articles and seeing so many pictures, there has to be something to this. Especially the metallic taste that I have which is only present when I see chemtrails. It is scaring me a little, I have discussed it with my family but they think it's just my imagination. I believe that what I am seeing are definitely chemtrails. I am going to start keeping a log of when I see them and the weather that follows on the next day. I will keep you posted. Thank You!!

What caused the ring around the sun? 28.Apr.2004 12:19

Linda Berry & Stacy Patman s.patman@leisd.net

Several of the staff at Liberty-Eylau pre-k in Texarkana, TX saw the ring around the sun. We were so amazed by this beautiful site that we all just stared up at the sky for as long as we could. What causes this ring to form around the sun and does it happen often?

3105 Norris Cooley Dr. Texarkana, TX 75501

RING AROUND SUN 18.Nov.2005 03:38