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Cascadia Summer heats up with western regional Earth First! Rendezvous, May 23-27

This long, last weekend in May, Cascadia Summer begins! It begins wherever you are, but especially in the wild Rogue just outside the Northeast edge of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. It begins on ground that www.biscuitfire.com has proposed for salvage-scam logging. Earth First! began saving forest in the forest, with bodies and heart-minds, twenty years ago at its first national gathering, near this very spot where Cascadia Summer now begins.

Please come join with your comrades past, present and future in a truly wild, threatened and fragile place. Come only if you can respect the other humans and beings and place. Come especially if you want to defend them with others that love them as much as you do.

Stop the corporate and government profiteers from destroying the last of what is wild and free. Let Cascadia Summer begin!

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