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Letter to KOIN 6

I feel outraged by the fact that the family and loved ones have to see Kendra's face in the news looking like a refugee from a "COPS" repeat. To me they are trying to bias the public's opinion that Kendra was a criminal and derserved what she got.

Further I think (my personal opinion here) is that the broadcast networks, whom I now call network "shadow-casters" have not only grown way to powerful (well duh!?) but more importantly we as a the people need to be that much more assertive to them as to the fairness, balance and ojectivity that the title journalist used to imply.

These corporate shadow-casters need to be brought into the light. They are all really just and interconnected house of cards that continue to report each others stories. Once one of them has the courage to print or say the truth the others will have to follow or risk looking stupid. [ My letter to KOIN 6 follows. ]
[ 2nd Letter to KOIN 6 ]