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2nd Letter to KOIN 6

Apparently the News editor at KOIN 6 is asleep at the switch

C'mon folks let's KOIN 6 know that we expect better of them! Don't let the shadow-casters have the last word!

Love & Blessings,

The headline on this page says: "Officers Identified In Fatal Shooting "

Yet all you show is the same awful photo of Kendra. Where are the photos pf the 2 police officers involved ! ! ! ?

Well? Is not the story that the PPD has refused to release them? To protect the police officers and their families they would say, yes!?

Kendra was shot and killed! My God "KOIN" where is your compassion, your humanity! If Kendra was such a "bad" girl why not give us the details of these so called arrest warrants!?

It is the police officers involved who did the killing! Should not the public see the faces of apparently dangerous individuals?

We are equal under the law. You folks spent several minutes of airtime a few days ago to get "live" coverage of a car thief being released. I know this car thief is tremendously dangerous to all the owners of Hummers here in Portland. But, again a woman was killed!

But are we all not at risk to men who lawfully carry high powered semi-automatic weapons, but lack the judgment as to when to use them?

Hey this is the story, why don't you see it ! ! ! !


In my day as a journalist had a shown my editor a story so badly put together, as this one, he would have thrown a hissy fit so big that the guys in the basement would have heard him over the din of the web fed printing presses roaring along a 100 miles an hour.

This is beyond sloppy journalism. Shame on you!


homepage: homepage: http://www.koin.com/webnews/20032/20030507_shooting.shtml

Umm... 17.May.2003 00:58


William -- While I share your sentiment about Ms. James' photo, I must say I cringed when I read your letters to KOIN. I appreciate your qualifications as a former journalist, but I fear your letters won't be taken seriously at KOIN because of their attacking style, typographical errors and punitive tone. I suggest that if you wish to approach these folks and affect their decisionmaking as a colleague would, you need to at least make them believe they have your professional respect. Otherwise, I assume they'll put their emotional shields up and not consider your views at all.


Yep, Umm is right 17.May.2003 11:45

Splain Larson

If the jackasses at corp media actually READ mail, how the hell would we explain the survival of Pig Larson and similar piggots? All they do is count letters and call them proof that someone is out here watching. STOP WATCHING!