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9.11 investigation

FTW has an ad in the Washington Post (!)

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. This is the ad of the year.. or the decade guys: Mike Ruppert placed a full page ad in this freaking newspaper!! In this ad he plugs indymedia, copvcia (of course), rightist-but-sometimes-interesting whatreallyhappened.com ..Etc,and more importantly, blows the whilste on the Reichstag Fire and on Peak Oil of Production !

Excerpt from From the Wildnerness (FTW): History was made today. FTW, thanks to a wonderful subscriber who paid for it, ran a full page ad on Page A25 of the Washington Post. I am now calling on every FTW subscriber who has asked me for so long, "What can I do?" to pick up their telephone TODAY and call every LOCAL press outlet, print or electronic in their city and tell them to look at page A-25 of today's Washington Post. These calls need to be made today. Already our web site traffic is 6x normal and the ripples are bouncing through Washington. We can use this energy if we act now. The people do have a voice, a voice that will not be as strong or as powerful in just 24 hours. Here are some quick reference numbers for important contacts but don't stop there. If you have been an FTW subscriber for even one month, you know what to do. George W. Bush announced his re-election bid today. Let's make it a day he and the administration and both political parties will never forget! Since the ad ran in Washington, saturate the local DC stations. When you make the calls always as for the news or editorial department!

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