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Letter to KOIN 6

Sloppy unprofessional reporting at best!

I worte the following letter to KOIN 6 as I felt that something needed to be said. Maybe if many of us send similar e-mails they will get the message. At the very least they will know that their reporting is being held to higher standards (which in my day as a journalist was considered standard practices and prodcedures).

I feel outraged by the fact that the family and loved ones have to see Kendra's face in the news looking like a refugee from a "COPS" repeat. To me they are trying to bias the public's opinion that Kendra was a criminal and derserved what she got.

Further I think (my personal opinion here) is that the broadcast networks, whom I now call network "shadow-casters" have not only grown way to powerful (well duh!?) but more importantly we as a the people need to be that much more assertive to them as to the fairness, balance and ojectivity that the title journalist used to imply.

These corporate shadow-casters need to be brought into the light. They are all really just and interconnected house of cards that continue to report each others stories. Once one of them has the courage to print or say the truth the others will have to follow or risk looking stupid.

Its like this. (told to me by and old CBS editor now retired) " Owning a network is like having a lisence to print $100 bills. Don't think that for a minute that all that cash just goes to fancy new equipment and salaries".

The point here is the networks cannot afford to loose ratings (read tons of advertising dollars) on their news divisions( the news divisons already operate at a loss).

To look stupid by not reporting what other networks have discoverd, or worse yet not to discover it themselves (the so called breaking news) is to have ones $100 bill printing press become permantly broken.

My letter to KOIN 6 follows.

Love & Blessings,

This page on your web site:

Is in very poor taste. First the poor woman is dead (and most obivously the victim of police brutality to the point of being possibly murdered), and this is the best photo you could find? I do not think you tried very hard.

Second, you mention she was the subject of an arrest warrant. Does this mean that at the time of her death she had outstanding warrant? Or now that she is dead the warrants are meaningless?

Or is it that sometime in the past she was arrested or had warrants issued but at the time of her death they were not active.

This is at the very least sloppy reporting, and at worst you are trying to paint a picture that conforms to some kind of agenda and cannot be considered unbiased journalism.

I am an old very published journalist of numerous name brand print publications, and I think that given the high tension in the community about this issue you could have done a better job at reporting the facts. Frankly it does not look to be that you even tried.


homepage: homepage: http://www.koin.com/webnews/20032/20030509_shooting.shtml

what the fuck? 16.May.2003 18:56


Yeah, that picture is fucked up. Surely there are many other pics that they could have used. it's obviously an attemt to try to show that Ms. James is "nothin' but a drug addict" and somehow deserves what she got. I'm particularly disturbed about this shooting because, as someone pointed out in a recent Tribune article, the police knew who she was when they pulled the car over and could have arrested her later, not fucking killed her. good call on the pic.

I noticed that picture too 16.May.2003 19:35


And I got the same impression, that the picture was chosen to make her look as bad as possible.
The things I have hear about this case are not good.
What has happened to this country is so sad.
If even policemen murder then there is no law.

On Purpose 16.May.2003 20:36


If you show her as a kind loving woman - then it just might look like the cops were "wrong". Heavy sarcasim. The family has issued images for the media - yet they continually use the mug shot.

I also wrote a note to channel 6.

Please write! 16.May.2003 20:59


This is a call to action. Please write Koin 6 (and any other news station that is using this photo) and tell them to yank this picture! yes, it is a small action, but there is not much that we can do to help, and this is something we can. It is a symbolic gesture telling Koin of the wrongness of profiling people. So please take the time to write- it only took ten minutes of my life to write. Kendra doesn't have a life anymore at all.

rush to judgement??? 17.May.2003 11:37

u wish

Hey, Jay Jay, waiting for the pigs' pr division to invent the justification for shooting a person who the police themselves said was "attempting to drive away" is just plain foolish. OF COURSE the officer and his union writers will come up with some fanciful reason that he was "in fear for his life, or the life of others." And THAT IS ALL THE JUSTIFICATION THAT THEY NEED TO SHOW UNDER "OUR" LAW. Ain't that grand? With the super pigs at the FBI/borderpatrol/homeland insecurity now being called in to sign off on another Kroeker killer award, we can all rest assured that the investigation will be fair and unbiased, and that the officer involved will receive a hero award in a couple of months. NICE TRY, JAY JAY

Please Write 17.May.2003 11:40

They cannot read

Sorry folks, but writing to the system media does nothing but increase their stats. Those folks cannot/do not read their mail, they only stack it up to prove to sponsors that some poor fool out there is watching their channel. The more letters they get, the more money, and so on. In a perfect world, all our letters of dissatisfaction would be read and acted upon, but if it were true, how would you explain the likes of Lars the pig Larson ?

what is my suggestion? 18.May.2003 15:56

u wish

I suggest, as have so many others, that the Portland pig sty have a complete high colonic. Kroeker, Katz, et al be given the the vaseline highway, followed by reasonable people being elected, and allowed to purge the assholes (union or no) who are supposed to be there to protect and serve. Simply saying get rid of the police is not an option, nor is saying that because they are FUBAR, we should keep the crap load of nazis that we have now, .
Kroeker and Katz encourage the fascist behavior, by always coming out against the victims and for the coppers. An award for killing, even were it justified, which it cannot be, only encourages further killing. All killings should be investigated by an outside agency, but it will not happen. The cit review board should have TEETH. No political hack is strong enough to take on the blue (or in our case the black suited) mafia that the corp media keeps referring to as police.

My suggestion? Take back your government.

As insightful as the police and their masters are inciteful 21.May.2003 01:19


Good letter and comments. Thanks, All.

JayJay-U Wish 22.May.2003 12:12

Me Larsm@peak.org

I was actually really glad to read JayJay's comments because of one thing. He asked that we not rush to judgement. It was the Policeman's rush to judgement that caused this tragedy. It will be a Jury's rush to judgement that decides how it ends it. At the same time its naive to not recognize the fact that a mugshot like this shapes a persons first impression of the case, and having a fair and immpartial Jury hearing becomes incredibly more difficult, difficult enough I hold no hope of it happening.

Yet it is abhorhid to me that someing charged with the protection of citizens in this country, a country where we are told 'innocent untill proven guilty', shot and killed someone 'fleeing'. I obviously wasn't there, but if there is any credibility to KOIN 6's report - this woman was litterally shot in the back. U Wish has raised the very important point that when a group has shown it is willing to use deadly force - whatever the provocation - it should be regulated by an outside source because just like fraternities or a family the police department are likely to close ranks and protect their own regardless of 'who's to blame'