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Arrests at St. Louis Biodevastation - Call Police Chief Now

Police are arresting those attending an anti genetic engineering conference in Seattle. They are also invading the IMC, housing collectives and offices of groups involved in organizing this event. Your help is needed, call the police chief now.


Mitchel Cohen & Brian Tokar, writing from the BioDevastation Conference against
Genetic Engineering in St. Louis, home of Monsanto:

At least 20-30 people have been arrested and we need your help. Police invaded
two known movement homes this morning, apparently in "pre-emptive raids" to
prevent their attendance at Sunday's demonstration against the World
Agricultural Forum. Others were taken into custody while riding their bicycles
to the BioDevastation gathering at Forest Park Community College, and the
police have left the bicycles lying along the road. Sarah Bantz ? organizer for
MORAGE and a speaker at the BioDevastation conference ? was arrested for having
a container of Vitamin C capsules, which police are claiming to be an illegal

Police have also entered the Randall Building, office of the Gateway
Greens/Green Party USA, St. Louis IndyMedia, the Confluence newspaper, and
other organizations, searching for ?violations? and who knows what else.

For the last two weeks, the St. Louis police have been spreading rumors
of ?Seattle-like violence? in order to ratchet up the levels of tension,
rationalizing their procurement of riot gear and new ?crowd control? weapons.

We are asking EVERYONE to call the Chief of Police Joe Mokwa, at (314) 444-5624
and demand their immediate release and stop their harassment of the movement
against genetic engineering and corporate agribusiness.

We understand that the police may hang up as people try to call the above
number. Other numbers for police are (314) 444-5555 and (314) 231-1212.

Thank you, and please spread the word.
... 16.May.2003 17:48

this thing here

anytime a thief is arrested, a drug dealer arrested, an assualt prevented, a domestic dispute settled, or other examples, it is correct to refer to them as police.

however, in any situation of political harrassement, of surveillance without probable cause, of arresting someone on the bogus suspicion that they "might" commit a crime in the future, with the sole distinguishing feature between this person being arrested or left alone simply their poltical beliefs and associations, they are no longer the police.

they are praetorian guards, and should be referred to as such.

me like info, info good 16.May.2003 22:39


how do i find out more about this, i want more info, names, times of day, opinions, the more people who know how this happened the more people who can avoid this in the future. if we can stay one step ahead then we can do more for the movement, i think those in jail feel the same way.

thank you so much for the post, i will be contacting the praetorian guards soon.

this is what we're up against 17.May.2003 10:00

but it won't stop us

This is the kind of thing we can expect next month in Sacramento. We need to be ready, be flexible, and be willing to have each others' backs. Instead of pompously telling the world we're gonna make this "the next WTO," we need to keep our senses and plan ahead. I don't have all the answers, but we will need to be very careful about what we are carrying, where we stay, who we associate with, and how we travel. We will be faced with huge police aggression, because they are now expecting "the next WTO," and are planning accordingly. We need to be as flexible as we were on M20 here in PDX, so we can fall back when necessary and regroup in another place. We need to witness what happens there, so bring cameras everyone. We will be heard.

img 17.May.2003 16:00



Demonstration of police state 18.May.2003 09:46


The Gross disreguard for civil rights and the constitution is appalling. The attack on freedom of speech and due process is an issue all Americans should be concerned with. Monsantos is a part of the "Military Industrial Complex" President Eisenhower warned us about. We need to be aware this process is taking place. Let us not be complacent the way the Germans became for Hitler. Be wary don't let "Good American" Mean the same as "Good German".