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YellowTimes.org Reports that Fierce Fighting Continues in Eastern Congo

In the largest town in Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) (Background Report) Ituri province, Bunia, fighting continues to rage for control.

Unlike the widespread fighting during DRC's four year civil war, this appears to be largely ethnic in origin and unrelated to the issues of the civil war. Until a few days ago, the town of 300,000 had been under the control of Lendu militia but they were driven out earlier this week by a well-armed Hema militia. The Lendu and the Hema are the two main ethnic adversaries in this area.

While the United Nations Security Council continues debating how to resolve this fighting, the conflict continues unabated. Most residents have already fled the city and many of them have made it across the borders into Uganda or Burundi. Although the U.N. started an emergency debate on May 12, it is not expected that any decisions will be made for at least several days with implementation of any action to come some time after that.

[ YellowTimes.org ]

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