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Rude Awakening Hits Portland!!! One Night Only!

Ashland playwrite brings Apocalyptic comedy to David Douglas High School

It might be the end of the world... AGAIN.

Who do you blame, what do you WEAR?

These timely questions are answered in "Rude Awakening", an "explosive" one-act comedy written and performed by Ashland comedienne Joanie McGowan. "Rude Awakening" makes a one-night-only national tour stop at the Horner Performing Arts Center at David Douglas High School on Saturday, May 31st at 7 and 9 pm.

Inspired by our constant state of alert, Rude Awakening is a zany jaunt through preparations for Armageddon, including valuable information from the Department of Homeland Security Web site, www.ready.gov The play is followed by an audience sing-a-long of the show's song, "We are the Solution", which will be videotaped and sent to Oregon Senators Smith and Wyden, and President Bush.

McGowan is a founding member of the Rogue Valley comedy improvisation troupe, The Hamazons. The is joined on stage by well-known San Francisco Bay Area actor Robert Sicular in the role of news broadcaster Fox McFearlips.

Rude Awakening has been performed in Ashland and Grants Pass, upcoming tour stops include Eugene, Salem, Roseburg, Berkeley, Seattle and Washington, DC. In response to recent school budget cuts, McGowan's play will raise money for high school theater arts programs wherever it is performed.

Tickets are $8. $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to David Douglas High School theater arts programs. Tickets are available at In Other Words Books, 3734 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, by email at  superherotheater@yahoo.com, or at the door. Information at 541-941-9799.

It's never too late to save the world!
Superhero Theater
Ashland, Oregon
Better Deal 16.May.2003 15:59

Dark Woodsman

"Tickets are $8."

For that price you could go see the Matrix Reloaded...

Better Idea 16.May.2003 21:24

Pseudonym86 Psuedonym86@hotmail.com

OR you could actually go see something meaningful instead of wasting your hard earned $8 on a movie that really isn't all that exciting.

Idiot 16.May.2003 23:40

The Mole

"OR you could actually go see something meaningful instead of wasting your hard earned $8 on a movie that really isn't all that exciting."

How could you form such an opinion unless you already paid the money and went and saw it?