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9.11 investigation

Wow.. FTW has an ad in the Washington Post (!)

This is the ad of the year.. or the decade guys: Mike Ruppert placed a full page ad in this freaking newspaper!!

In this ad he plugs indymedia, copvcia (of course), rightist-but-sometimes-interesting whatreallyhappened.com ..Etc,and more importantly, blows the whilste on the Reichstag Fire and on Peak Oil of Production !
Got... to.... keep.... a.... cold.... head.... OK. This probably won't awaken amerika, but it _feels_ good gawddamnit, even if this fades back in the back of people's mind later with the appropriate amount of corporate media spin and cover up.

<a href=" link to fromthewilderness.com

(the PDF is at  http://fromthewilderness.com/PDF/Washpost_2003_05_16_p25.pdf )

(can someone in the US scan the [physical, dead tree] newspaper with the actual ad? this almost sounds too good to be true).

Excerpts (go the the above link to read it in full):

May 16, 2003, 0500 PDT (FTW) - From The Wilderness today ran a full-page ad in the front section of The Washington Post intended to educate the American people, support heroic leaders and promote a number of independent media outlets which have made important contributions since 9/11. The ad was the direct result of a donation from a subscriber who had recently viewed FTW Publisher Mike Ruppert's video "The Truth and Lies of 9-11". The ad that ran today was actually a second version, the text of which had to be changed after the first version apparently caused some nervousness in Washington.

It's an interesting story.

The text of the first ad, which reached the Post on April 23rd, contained two sections of well-supported text that were sharply critical of Army Secretary Thomas White. White was suddenly fired by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld three days after the ad reached the Post. FTW has not been able to confirm that the ad was leaked but publisher Michael Ruppert strongly suspects it.


What the f%$! are you doing here Posix ? 16.May.2003 09:33


Come back to Lille they have enough trolls in Portland ;op
By the way I've read the french version of this post on Lille, this is some good news :)

Hehe 16.May.2003 13:37


Ben ca alors! Good to read you here (too =).

I figured, since no one else had posted it in the anglophon community, I might as well do it.
PDX IMC rocks! It's the best. Even with all the freepers droids that joined since A22...

You'd expect this kind of news to make more "waves" and attract more attention, hmmm... Maybe people find that oil is boring or something. Frustrating, that activists are so educated on corporate corruption and politics, but aren't 'excited' to hear about oil and what their life will look like in just a few months or years (e.g. natural gas is to go through the roof next winter, and even befor, go as much as $10 per MBTU, from $6 currently; this could change all america, and help roll back Globalization).

Anyone in portland want to comment??

ok. . .you asked for a reply posix :-) 16.May.2003 15:46



of course it is spot on, and it is cool that the ad was placed. the text is effective, and it is satisfying to see the cartoon and all the alternative media links including indy.

i do wonder whether $20,000 could be spent in better ways

for example, the entire dollar cost of running portland indy for the past 2 years is something like a tenth of that.

just $2000 (again one tenth) would provide the opportunity to produce a video on the subject of the ad, and have it distributed all over the country

another tenth would purchase 4 digital video cameras which could be used by people in the local activist community for video projects.

another 3 tenths would provide the equipment and bandwidth to host a number of indymedia sites in places like Iraq, Venezuela and so on.

2 tenths would facilitate the shipment of hundreds of older computers to latin america.

at this point you would still have $4000 in hand for other projects

so, one single ad in a paper, or all these projects facilitated - where is the money better spent?

Email from From the Wilderness 16.May.2003 16:45


History was made today.

FTW, thanks to a wonderful subscriber who paid for it, ran a full page ad on Page A25 of the Washington Post. If you have not seen the ad please visit:


I am now calling on every FTW subscriber who has asked me for so long, "What can I do?" to pick up their telephone TODAY and call every LOCAL press outlet, print or electronic in their city and tell them to look at page A-25 of today's Washington Post. These calls need to be made today.

Already our web site traffic is 6x normal and the ripples are bouncing through Washington. We can use this energy if we act now. The people do have a voice, a voice that will not be as strong or as powerful in just 24 hours. And it all happened because one FTW subscriber, who cares about the future, decided to vote with his money!

Here are some quick reference numbers for important contacts but don't stop there. If you have been an FTW subscriber for even one month, you know what to do. George W. Bush announced his re-election bid today. Let's make it a day he and the administration and both political parties will never forget!

When you make the calls always as for the news or editorial department!

Since the ad ran in Washington, saturate the local DC stations.
WJLA TV - ABC Washington 202-364-7777
WRC TV - NBC Washington 202-885-4000
WTTG TV - Fox Washington 202-244-5151
WUSA TC - CBS Washington 202-895-5999
WTMW TV - Washington 703-528-0051
WNVT TV - Washington 703-698-9682

And draw the ad to the attention of every major paper in the country: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, The Philadelphia Enquirer, The Dallas Morning News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Miami Herald, etc.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a difference!

Mike Ruppert
From The Wilderness Publications

Click here to download the ad in PDF format:  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/PDF/Washpost_2003_05_16_p25.pdf


Excerpt from  http://www.copvcia.com, regarding the decision to place the ad:

From the start Ruppert was skeptical that the ad would be allowed to run under any circumstances. He views it's publication today as something of a much needed miracle.

"When people see the kind of reaction this ad produces and the power that they have to stir the public and get real responses out of government, I think we're going to see a lot more efforts like this. It's one thing when one individual in a position to do it pays for an ad like this. But twenty thousand dollars isn't an unreachable amount for a hundred or a thousand people. Pretty soon you might see people forming coalitions to purchase commercials on television or blocks of ads in major newspapers. That's how you reach the people and keep good and accurate information from being marginalized.

"It was also extremely important that we recognized and gave energy to a number of independent media sources that have made great contributions since 9/11. While much of America may not know how much these organizations have influenced events, they should. Independent media is filling a huge vacuum left by the needlessly obedient mainstream press.

"It's called taking full advantage of those aspects of free speech that the government hasn't taken away yet. It's learning how the money works and using it to your advantage. As Fitts always says, 'Vote with your money.'"

Full article:  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/051603_wash_post_ad.html

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Make Some Calls 16.May.2003 17:34


Just called the FOX (uhem) Newsroom. The direct number is (202) 895-3000. The man I spoke with said that he already received about 20 calls, but I think he might enjoy a few more. Give em a call.

whats all the hubbub about? 17.May.2003 13:51

Joe Blow

As a regular Joe in the center of the political spectrum, I look at this cartoon and say well there's more of that leftish claptrap that sometimes filters out of the gutter. I don't see why everyone's so excited about it.

No hubbub anymore 17.May.2003 15:22


There is no more hubbub now that the Bagwhan Deva has publicly declared the money to be misspent, it having gone to the wrong thing. It should have gone to IndyMedia (ie. Deva) where it would have been spent correctly. Now, having been given the word, all the IndyMedia faithful are quietly hanging their heads in shame for having gotten excited about a competing format possibly doing something worthwhile.

The people united cannot be defeated, given that they're united under the correct banner and not that of a rival.

hubbub 18.May.2003 01:41


The hubbub that this post generated was on the level that the Second Coming had happened last Tuesday.

Whats the big deal?

If you're still reading... 19.May.2003 04:25



so, one single ad in a paper, or all these projects facilitated - where is the money better spent? I know where you're coming from. Advocacy, spreading the word, all that is important, and is your daily bread and butter... I'm more of the "doom and gloom" type, because of what I know about oil (and abysmally fail to convey it seems!). From my point of view, it's too late to spend money on advocacy, one should invest all the nickels (s)he has in preparing for the oil crisis during the coming months. But if one does try advocacy one last time though, it should be in innovative things, stuff that has not been tried out before, hence my enthusiasm about Mike Ruppert shouting in one of the most read coroprate media newspapers, "THE EMPEROR IS NAKED, Oil Is Running Out!".

But yea, as the trolls say, even that has failed (to expand our numbers)... the eloi crowd still wants to believe the emperor has clothes, in spite of the "economic downturn" (an euphemism if there ever was one). So me I'm back to learning to grow my own food and relocating to the countryside... PS - read The Party's Over, best twenty bucks you'll ever had spent on any dead tree book in your life.

As to the trolls, get a life d00ds!

Suppose you're a freeper.... And suppose you're a moron... -- but I repeat myself!