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Seize the PowerMAY 15, Thursday, Public Hearing to takeover Enron-PGE by formation of a Multnomah County Public Utility District. Time: l0-:00-noon and 6:00p-8:00p [at the County Commission Bldg off of Grand on SE Hawthorne (501 SE Hawthorne). Enron has stolen $400 million in taxes from Oregon that PGE ratepayers already paid for in the electric rates. Enron owns PGE. Show up in large numbers to speak at the hearing [TONIGHT!] and vote in the fall. The signature gathering by www.oppc.net has placed the Public Utility District on the ballot. Our local utility, Portland General Electric, is now tied up in bankrupcy court since Enron owns it. It is the most valuable asset Enron has and feeds its criminal activities with $l00 of millions of dollars from PGE customers. It is time to [ get Enron out of the state. ]