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Starhawk! Training for Resistance

Starhawk will be in Oregon starting this weekend and for the next ten days. Starhawk has been in the frontlines of resistance for years. She was at the WTO, in the streets at the G8/Genoa, recently back from Palestine putting her life on the line. She is the author of "Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. She will be speaking to activists as part of the Village convergence in Portland, rebuilding communities in Eugene, permaculture activism in rural Oregon and will be at the Earthfirst! gathering later in the summer.


Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in the anti-globalization movememnt. She is also respected for your work in the modern Goddess religion and earth-based spirituality movement. She organizes communities across the globe to resist facisim and the destruction of indigenious communities and earth's diverse eco-systems.

As an activist she is always in the front lines of resistance. She was at Genoa standing up against the G8. She was in DC for several large resistance actions against the present facist regime. She was part of the recent mass actions in San Francisco. She walks her talk!

She will be in Oregon for about 10 days organizing communities. If you have a chance to see her--go!

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