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Portland Peace Encampment speaks to City Council

On Wednesday, May 14, at 9:30 am, members of the Portland Peace Encampment went to speak before City Hall about their mission and infringements of their rights, and by extension the rights of us all. Below is a summary culled from my written notes. Thanx to all the brave souls dedicating their time and hearts to this endeavor. You did a great job at City Hall! Anyone who would like to visit and bear witness or bring coffee, signs or food is welcome. The Portland Peace Encampment plans to continue in their mission to witness and educate.

9:30a - 15 minutes allotted ~ PDX Peace Encampment speaks ~ 5 people, 3 minutes each [First speaker:] Todd - This is day 56 for the Portland Peace Encampment (PPE). PPE is here to remind people that the war really isn't over. PPE remains to inform people about the motivations and consequences of this invasion. And the death tolls. Portland Peace Encampment plans to make a weekly appearance at the city council meeting to create more of a relationship with the council and the people it represents, trying to present facts and perspectives that are missing or underrepresented in mass media. Having read the PPE mission statement, Todd requested the rest of his three minutes to talk be observed in silence. That request was honored. [ Read More ]